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NEW WRITER: The Watcher Watches TV (10/2/12)

    Today, taking over for my lackluster TV coverage, CInema Won is proud to welcome The Watcher to our ranks. Every night (More or less), The Watcher will cover and review TV shows from the previous night.  Starting with last night...

Hello and I am the Watcher and thanks to Cinema Won I have been given a chance to review my favorite thing in the world, Television.  I will be bringing you reviews on a couple television shows a night and most will be positive reviews, as I don’t watch horrible shows.  Yes, I know The Watcher is a stupid nickname, but the man who helped uncover Watergate had the nickname Deep throat so mine isn’t the worst.  Tonight I have started with the Tuesday line up of shows

She gives the worst high fives.
Raising Hope:  Fox Tuesdays at 8:00

Tuesday meant the season premiere of Raising Hope a show that just keeps getting funnier.  What works about this show is that there is never multiple storylines in a show, but one story with all the characters participating.  This week saw the gang going to Sabrina’s (Shannon Woodward) grandmother’s funeral where Jimmy meets Sabrina’s mom (Melanie Griffith) who is very self-absorbed due to the fact that the grandmother was mean to her.  The group is at the funeral and they have a funny scene where they mix up cryogenics and scientology, which was very funny.  Then in a quick act of spontaneity Jimmy proposes to Sabrina and she accepts.  Leading to a fun slideshow where Jimmy finds out he has a past with Sabrina’s mom and leads to a fun flashback.  The show features real moments when they show a slideshow that is both funny and sweet and the actors show real happiness during it.  Every review I am going to say my favorite joke and my favorite tonight was all of Mama’s (Oscar and Emmy winner Cloris Leachman) moments from her looking at Burt’s “meat whistle” (as she calls it) from eating pasta in the car and dropping a meatball and eating it after picking it up.
Not Indecent, But Not-Quite-Decent Proposal” gets 5 out of 6 stars.

Today, Schmidt competed in the toughest
staring contest of his life.
New Girl:  Fox Tuesdays at 9:00
This is my favorite show on Tuesday nights because I love Zooey Deschanel and yes, she is “adorkable” and she is surrounded by some very funny guys.  The show starts off with Jess have some casual fun with Sam (David Walton) and has Nick (Jake Johnson) being his “fluffer” and doing all the boyfriend things Sam should be doing.  The group plans to go out to a fancy dinner and then Schmidt and Winston ditch leaving just Nick and Jess to have a funny and very awkward dinner that made progress to their relationship that will happen in normal sitcom fashion.  The episode ends with that beginning to happen.  Schmidt (Emmy-nominated Max Greenfield) story had him pretending he was the imaginary Tug Romney to impress woman and to do what Schmidt does best and it was hilarious in normal Schmidt fashion. Winston had a horrible storyline where he learns it is okay to fantasize about other woman and it just wasn’t funny and he was completely underused and that is why the episode wasn’t great, but it was good.  My favorite joke is when Jess woke Nick up and Nick said “Jess you are a big girl you can watch the Walking Dead by yourself”
“Fluffer” gets 4 ½ out of 6 stars.

They're on a porch, so you know'
emotional things are going on.
Go On:  NBC Tuesdays at 9:00
This week is the first time in Go On we meet Janie’s ghost which we knew would happen soon and she came to give Ryan (Matthew Perry) a lesson on moving on and living life.    It didn’t seem as the biggest plot line because the group’s was much funnier finding out that Lauren took a job at a hotel as a valet and they tried to help her through that by helping her become a realtor.  The problem with an ensemble show like this is that in the ensemble is Tyler James Williams (Everybody Hates Chris) and John Cho (Harold and Kumar) and they are too big of celebrities to sit in the background and they don’t get enough screentime and this is because one is suppose to talk a lot and one isn’t funny (John Cho’s Steven is the not funny one), but I will say Williams impression of the smartest girl in class was very funny.  King spit out his milk in a scene and that gag never gets old so there were very funny moments.  My favorite though were the football jokes because I love sports including the a joke about Jerry Rice playing past his expiration date saying “he was great, then good, then he was a Seahawk” and saying Peyton Manning and Colt McCoy were just two white quarterbacks with fake sounding names.
“Do You Believe in Ghosts... Yes!” gets 4 stars out of 6.

Now to my short review which goes to the worst show of the night.

"Hey look. Porn."
Vegas:  A spin on the cop procedural that is confusing with too many characters that look alike even though Dennis Quaid gave a great performance.  Michael Chiklis’ storyline is boring because he is just fixing a casino and he is also giving a great performance, but the rest of the cast is awful.  The last five minutes of the show was great though and showed that the show is going somewhere and it can get better.
Vegas gets 3 ½ stars out of 6

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