Monday, February 2, 2015

The New Cinema Won

2014 has come and gone and, well, to be honest, Cinema Won seemed to have gone with it. I mean, it’s hard to deny that my heart just wasn't in this anymore when I completely stopped doing it for several months. But during that time away, I think I might have realized something. Simply put, I was doing it wrong. See, I never wanted Cinema Won to feel like a job, but it became exactly that. The idea of going to the movies every week to review it later just wasn't fun and for a job that I received no pay or much credit for doing, yeah, it was hard to get myself motivated, especially with a college work load and a social life.
     But I still want to make this work. I do have fun doing Cinema Won, but not like this. See, despite my thoughts that it’s somehow “more important” to review current films, I always would have rather seen the film and talk about something else. I mean, I haven’t stopped going to the movies. I still go every single weekend. But not every movie I want to talk about and feeling like I had to just killed it for me. But, that did make me realize something. While I don’t have fun reviewing current releases, I do have a ton of fun talking about obscure, odd films that other people don’t talk about.
     I really do feel like my last review, Riding the Bullet, is some of my best work and it mostly stems from the fact that it was a genuinely interesting and somewhat strange film I had never heard of before. Essentially, the world doesn't need a 128,435th review of the new Hunger Games, but it could do with a review or at least discussion on a Stephen King adaptation from several years ago that involves a roller coaster as a metaphor for life in the most self-serious way possible. Because that to me is interesting,
     And that’s what, hopefully, Cinema Won will be from now on. A site devoted to looking at the strangest films I can find, or at least the films that no one else is looking at. That said however, I don’t find new releases boring, just not what I want to do full reviews of. Therefore, with it being the end of the month, I figure why don’t I give quick reviews of all the movies I saw in that month in theaters.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Best Wishes and Good Luck

      It makes me sadder than I can really say, but today I must announce that The Undefined Gamer will no longer be working with me on Cinema Won. I will not get into specifics, but do to an increase in arguments and bad feelings, from both myself and him, I no longer feel as if he should be working on this site. I wish I could say things ended on better terms, but sadly they didn't. Things on Cinema Won will resume within the week. As for the Undefined Gamer, though he won't believe it, I genuinely do wish him the best of luck in the future and hope that we can one day work through these differences, as both sides have some learning and growing to do. You can find him on his own site, Unclean Monstrosities on Wordpress, where he is currently running a fun contest. Please check it out and wish him the best. I'm sorry, but sometimes we must do things we don't like to help everyone involved.