Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adam Sandler Versus Human Decency

Ok, I like Adam Sandler. He's a funny guy. But, his last few movies *coughJackandJillcough* have not done to well in terms of being... well good. But his latest project is something that is like a sick SNL sketch gone horribly wrong. Sandler plans to write and star in an adaptation of... Candy Land. That's not a joke. Adam Sandler is writing a Candy Land movie. Some days life just sucks.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Week 17

Once Upon a Time- "7:15 A.M."- 5 out of 6
House of Lies- "Gods of Dangerous Financial Instruments"- 4 out of 6
House of Lies- "Amsterdam"- 4 out of 6
House of Lies- "Microphallus"- 5 out of 6 (caught up on the new show this week. A little too crude, but still very funny)
Alcatraz- "Kit Nelson"- 6 out of 6 (Intense, exciting, one of the best episode of the TV season)
Castle- "An Embarrassment of Bitches"- 4 out of 6
White Collar- "Upper West Side Story"- 6 out of 6
Touch- "Pilot"- 5 out of 6 (A great cast backs an emotional and intriguing new show)
Royal Pains- "Some Pig"- 5 out of 6
The Big Bang Theory- "The Beta Test Initiation"- 4 out of 6
The Finder- "A Cinderella Story"- 2 out of 6 (A really dark, really... weird episode)
Chuck- "Chuck Versus Sarah"- 5 out of 6
Chuck- "Chuck Versus the Goodbye"- 6 out of 6

Chuck Series Look-Back:
    Saying Chuck might have been one of the greatest TV shows of all time was a bit of an understatement. It was easily one of my favorites and it's series finale this week punctuated what a surprise the whole show turned out to be, namely the fact that it even had a series finale to begin with. Constantly on the verge of cancellation, Chuck really was, in the words of show co-creator Chris Fedak, "Saved by sandwiches". The five season of Chuck we were able to enjoy happily was all thanks in part to Subway and there delisious sandwiches. The fact that we get to see a series finale is a bittersweet victory. Sure the show's over, but at least it ended on our terms. Sure, this final season had it's misses, but the finale took us back to a much simpler time. If I didn't know any better, these episode could have easily been from the first season. But, as a series finale, it was more than we could have ever asked for. Sure, we wanted to see Chuck and Sarah ride off into the sunset, with a baby in tow, but this was (to use a cliche) the ending we need, not the one we wanted. Goodbye Chuck. You will be missed.

TV News: 
- Kim Kardashian will have a recurring guest-starring role on Drop Dead Diva. I'm just gonna let that one go.

- Ferris Bueller may make his triumphant return... in a Super Bowl commercial. Hooray?

- Dwight might get his own show on NBC. That just seems like a bad idea.

See you later

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Review: Mars Needs Moms!

    Every now and again a movie comes around that effectively kills off an entire type of movie for one reason or another. Home on the Range put an end to the traditional 2D animated Disney movies for a while and Batman and Robin stopped the superhero movies dead for sometime. 2011's Mars Needs Moms! is the film that will not only go down in history as killing off an entire film studio and probably the motion-capture animated style for a while, but is so far the biggest box-office bomb of all time, losing a grand total of over 130 million dollars. So, does the film itself deserve the bad legacy it's box-office numbers will give it? Well, yes and no.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2nd Annual YOUreviewers Movie Awards!

For the second year in a row the awesome YouTube movie reviews The Schmoes from Schomesknow and Jeremy Jahns are holds the YOUreviewers Movie Awards, an awards show where the people of YouTube can vote on their favorite films of the year in different catagories. It will air on the ENTV YouTube channel. It's a great awards show, hosted by great people and it's a great (and more acurate) alternative to the Oscars. Check out the nominees below:

2012 Oscars Nominations Are In

As the Academy Awards begin to come into view, it's time the nominees are announced. The list is after the jump.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Week 16

Once Upon a Time- "True North"- 4 out of 6
How I Met Your Mother- "46 Minutes"- 5 out of 6
Alcatraz- "Pilot"- 5 out of 6 (Great premise, good show)
Alcatraz- "Ernest Cobb"- 6 out of 6
Castle- "Dial M For Mayor"- 5 out of 6
Glee- "Yes/No"- 5 out of 6
New Girl- "The Story of the 50"- 5 out of 6
Raising Hope- "Mrs. Smartypants"- 4 out of 6
White Collar- "Checkmate"- 5 out of 6
Royal Pains- "A Farewell to Barnes"- 5 out of 6
The Big Bang Theory- "The Recombination Hypothesis"- 4 out of 6 (The 100th needed a bit more)
The Finder- "Bullets"- 5 out of 6 (Sweet, Sweets was in this)
The Mentalist- "My Bloody Valentine"- 3 out of 6 (A complex bore)
Chuck- "Chuck Versus the Bullet Train"- 6 out of 6
Grimm- "Of Mouse and Man"- 4 out of 6 (Season's weakest episode)

American Idol return this week... and crashed on arrival. With rating extremely down, it looks like the end might be near.

- ABC has ordered a new supernatural drama titled 666 Park Ave. It follows an apartment building where all of the residents have made deals with the devil. It sounds... wicked. Ok, even I'm sorry for that joke.

See you later                                                                                                                                                    

Thursday, January 19, 2012

PG-13 Action Team?

2010's The Expendables starred pretty much every single action star of the last thirty years, except for Chuck Norris and Van-Damme. It was rated R for the bloody violence and bad language, but still was a hit movie making over $274 million dollars. The forthcoming The Expendables 2, now with Norris and Van-Damme, may get a PG-13 rating because...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Weeks 14 and 15

Annnnd we're back. After a longer month away, the TV shows We all watch and love have return from the Christmas break.

Week 14:
How I Met Your Mother- "Tailgate"- 5 out of 6
Chuck- "Chuck Versus the Santa Suit"- 4 out of 6 (Shaw's return... kinda lame)
Chuck- "Chuck Versus the Baby"- 6 out of 6 (One of the show's best episodes)
Chuck- "Chuck Versus the Kept Man"- 5 out of 6
Supernatural- "Adventures in Babysitting"- 5 out of 6 (Not Bobby!)

Week 15:
Once Upon a Time- "Desperate Souls"- 5 out of 6
The Firm- "Pilot"- 2 out of 6 (Overly serious, extremely cheesy)
Castle- "Till Death do Us Part"- 5 out of 6
The Big Bang Theory- "The Shiny Trinket Maneuver"- 4 out of 6
Bones- "The Crack in The Code"- 6 out of 6 (One of the top 5 episodes, easily)
The Finder- "An Orphan Walks Into a Bar"- 5 out of 6 (What makes Bones great, makes this great)
The Mentalist- "Always Bet on Red"- 4 out of 6
Chuck- "Chuck Versus Bo"- 4 out of 6 (Fun, but pretty goofy)
Supernatural- "Time After Time"- 4 out of 6
Grimm- "Game Ogre"- 5 out of 6

TV News:
-Work It got cancelled. Shocker.

- A Psycho prequel series is in the works. It follows the sound logic that things are scarier the more you know of them.

- Twilight may get a TV series when the movies are done. Planned title: Teen Girls Will Buy Anything.

- Green Arrow might get his own TV show. No sarcasm, that's actually pretty cool.

See you later

Sunday, January 8, 2012

"The Iron Giant" Review

    Childhood can be a strong influence. If something was a major part of our childhood, it's hard to say anything bad about it. The more we like it, the hard it is to remember it's flaws. Nostalgia is a powerful thing. Many of us love our childhood and reminisce about it by watching the films that we loved growing up. Sometimes we learn what we like back then, are just as good if not better now. Unfortunately, sometime we learn the movie's we loved were better left as they were: childhood memories. Among the movies I watched growing up The Iron Giant was one of my favorites. So, how does it hold up today? Pretty well, actually.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Top 10 Best Films of 2011: Part 2

Continuing on with the list, it's down to the best of the best as we get into numbers 5 through to the Best Movies of 2011.

The Top 10 Best Films of 2011: Part 1

For every list of the worst, we must list the best. So, what films rose up and stood out as the best of the year? Now, again I don't see every film released this year and many of what i do see are the big-time summer blockbusters. This isn't really my official list. My official Top 10 Best List will be ironed out more toward Academy Award time, when I have a chance to see the more "award-worthy" films. However, these next 10 films are all fanatastic, and deserve a spot on this list.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Top 10 Worst Films of 2011

Ah, 2011. What a year it was. I could go on about major headlines from the past year, such as Occupy Wall Street, Charlie Sheen's meltdown or The Hobbit trailer. But, you don't come hear to learn and I don't write about those things. No, as is the part of the job, every film critic must list the best and worst films of the year. And this is no different. below are the 10 worst films to have crawled from sludge and somehow form a feature film. Tomorrow check back for the Top 10 best films. Now keep in mind, I don't see three movies a week, so I can only judge those I have seen.