Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Plants vs Zombies DS" Review

This game is the bestest.

   Every now again we get an iPod game that scores big. Angry Birds
for example. Plants vs. Zombies. And that's pretty much it. Sure,
there are other popular iPod/iPad/[nsert random assed Apple device
here] games, but for the most part, these games don't venture out to
their realm of iTouchiness. Angry Birds has a movie (because a
nonsensical game like that SO deserves a movie. You know its not like
a game that actually has a PLOT would do well. Golden Sun, Half-Life
eat your heart out). Plants Vs. Zombies has a DS game.
    To say that the game is simply fun and addicting is an
understatement. It's surely creative, and set up a formula that other
iPod games would follow: You have an army. Hoards of Zombies are about
to kill you. You have to save your ass.
     The game transitions realy well on the DS, as the original
controls can be left as is due to the DS's touchscreen. The game can
also be expanded upon to include buttons, and some more depth, as this
version of the game is not confined to a mere Gigabyte. However, the
graphics have been downgraded, as it expected, but they do not
deteriorate gameplay at all.
What the hell is happening?
    My only issue with this game is the difficulty due to often dicky
levels such as the ones where you're in fog, and the fact that you
never seem to have enough slots for plants. No matter what I do, I can
never fit in the new plants I've been dying to use. And when you get a
new plant every other level, but only get enough money for another
slot roughly every four, this happens often. It's also frustrating
that you cannot go back to previous levels to collect money when the
recent ones prove to be too difficult. You spend all your money at
your crazy neighbor's shop, there is little chance of recovering those
     Plants Vs. Zombies for the Nintendo DS is simply a delightfully
addicting game that has set the stage for not only army games, but
also Zombie games on the iPod. The mere fact that it was successful
enough to get a DS port says that. Honestly, I haven't gotten into
such simple a game since I got Tetris for the Wii. Though not perfect,
this game still deserves to be rewarded lavishly, if not for its
addicting gameplay that never seems to get old, killer soundtrack (I
could listen to it all day), or just its overall enjoyability.
Remember, a video game's job is to entertain us, and despite its
flaws, Plants vs. Zombies certainly did that. And enjoyability gets
extra points in my book.
Plants vs Zombies DS gets 5 and a half stars out of 6.

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