Sunday, November 4, 2012

Gamer v. Cinema: Star Wars to Disney

In this new series, The Undefined Gamer and Cinema Won face off
on a topic in the news right now.
Today's Topic: Disney buys Lucasfilm Ltd.

The Undefined Gamer:
    George Lucas has officially passed the mantle of his Star Wars
series with the 4 billion dollar selling of Lucasfilm Ltd. to Disney.
     Come 2009 we all saw how well Disney can run with buying a major
studio with their acquisition of Marvel studios, which culminated in
this year's Avengers, however we have also saw some abuse with it,
mainly in their Superheroe cartoons, often overly downgraded to suite
the kiddy's needs.
    Here's the other part. Episode 7 is set for a 2015 release. Now
this can go two ways. Disney can use existing cannon as seen in the
Thran Trilogy books, among others, make already solid stories better,
and make a sucessful study to rival their acquisition of Marvel, or
they can downgrade and rewrite cannon and see their sales plummit
(like the Clone Wars movie nobody saw in 2008), and watch as Episode 7
DVDs are burned nationwide in trash cans, like Cleveland era Lebron
James jerseys.
    I have high hopes, however, Disney needs to know where to draw the
line. I see them continuing the Clone Wars CGI series, which is
actually surprisingly good and well, intense. Downgrading that to suit
kiddies more than it already does will ruin it for sure. *eyes twitch*
And no, Leia is NOT a Disney Princess.
Cinema Won:
   The Gamer made some pretty good points, but I have to disagree with a few of them. I, like he said he does, have high hopes for what this could mean for the Star Wars series. However, I disagree with what Gamer said about the way the future sequels should be handled. I, like most movies-only Star Wars fans, don't actually consider the books to be canon, and I think taking the books' "canon" and running with that would be a mistake.
    The outside-films canon is large and mostly unknown for film fans and the casual filmgoers, so following that canon will only alienated a huge chunk of fans and will most likely lead to a large and over-bloated mess of a continuity. However, following suit with what they did with Marvel, if Disney allows Lucasfilm to do what it feels is best for the movies and hire some great writers to create a new, exciting and interesting canon that everyone can enjoy, which would lead to huge success for Disney and not the riots Gamer said they would lead to.
    Oh, and yes, Leia IS a Disney Princess now. And that really freaking cool.

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