Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review 99: "Iron Sky" Review

Nowadays, Nazis are in just the
wackiest of places!

    Back in the year 1969, we put a man on the moon. In the year 2016, we do it again. Enter Washington (Christopher Kirby, an African-American model, chosen to help re-elect the Sarah-Palin-like President (Stephanie Paul) through some good publicity. That good publicity sours, however, when Washington makes the discovery that, after losing WWII, the remaining Nazis fled to the moon and are waiting to invade Earth. Inside their base, he meet idealistic teacher Richter (Julia Dietze) and her evil Nazi fiance Adler (Gotz Otto). Together with Richter and a foul-mouth advisor to the President (Peta Sergeant), they attempt to stop the Moon Nazis once and for all.
    Yes, that really is the premise of Iron Sky. And if that echo in your head¹ is reminding you of Nazis at the Center of the Earth, fear not. I mean, after that atrocity, it's hard to imagine that another "Nazis in..." movie released so close to NATCOTE could actually be could. But, ultimately, Iron Sky delivers.
Man, White House parties are
the best parties!
    Unlike NATCOTE, which undermined it's campy premise with cheap and offensive shocks and a terrible story, Iron Sky makes good use of it's campy premise and then some. Yes, there is humor to be had with the fact that this is a movie about Nazis in space. Often, the movie comes very close to crossing a line, however, it manages to stay funny and not be racists. After all, Nazis were racists, so using that fact for a few jokes isn't as offensive as it is realistic. In fact, this movie actually turns out to be quite the biting satire of politics by the time the movie closes.
    The film plays around with the idea that, as far as politics are concerned, a Moon Nazi invasion is a good thing. It means a war and after all, all wartime Presidents get re-elected! The humor is actually pretty topical, despite the few obviously out of date Sarah Palin and George W. Bush gags. This all culminates into probably the most shocking ending of any movie this year, which, stays in line with the movie's tone and delivers a powerful statement to boot.
    And all on a small budget. This was an independently produced film, funded in part from fans of the movie² who just wanted to see the film get made. And, overall, it looks really good. It really makes you wonder when a hundred million dollar Hollywood production like Green Lantern or X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets released and looks very cheap and fake, and the small-budget limited release indie film gets great looking space battles and grand sci-fi worthy sets.
Subtlety is synonymous with Space Nazis.
    Iron Sky is everything NATCOTE should have been and more. Campy, fun and a surprisingly biting satire, it manages to gives a higly entertaining and compelling story with a very limited budget and little big studio backing whatsoever. It make sound sill, but Space Nazis have never been better. Iron Sky gets 5 stars out of 6.
¹ You should really get that checked, by the way.
² Before the movie even came out, mind you!

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