Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman Versus Mirror Mirror

Today, Mitch and Alex team up to decide
which Snow White movie was better.
Wait, that's not right...

Best Snow White:
The Undefined Gamer-
    Mirror Mirror portrays Snow White as a fun-loving female who knows
her way around a sword, but really faces little real danger. The
Huntsman's Snow is constantly in danger and only survives because of
her own wits and the help of the Huntsmen, not a party of bandit
dwarves. Yet Mirror Mirror's Snow White tends to be more likable (she
actually showers for most of the movie). Still, even that performance
has flaws. It's a tough decision, but for Best Snow White goes to:
Snow White And The Huntsmen
Cinema Won-
    Granted, showering is playing a part in my decision making, and,
I'm gonna have to disagree. Kristen Stewart does a good job, but the
character just doesn't have a lot to here. Lily Collins is great in Mirror
Mirror, actually giving that awful movie some redeeming value. The
character is fun, interesting and feels like an updated version of the classic
fairy tale. SWATH's Snow was just a generic female action hero.
Point goes to Mirror Mirror!

Best Dwarves:
The Undefined Gamer-
    This is no contest. In SWATH, the Dwarves are brutal, barbaric
lackeys that are barely even there. I honestly hate them. The only
likable one is the Elder one. However, In Mirror Mirror, these
Dwarves, while rather stupid, share some funny moments and actually
pertain some personality, no matter how simple. Best Dwarves Goes To:
Mirror Mirror
Cinema Won-
    CONTEST! The Mirror Mirror dwarves are... wait, I don't remember
them. Were they important? I seriously have no memory of that movie's
dwarves. Besides, the dwarves is SWATH are awesome. Great actors
playing interesting, likable bad-asses. Their backstory is solid and they
add greatly to the movie. Point goes to Snow White and the Huntsman!
Best Evil Queen:
The Undefined Gamer-
    Mirror Mirror's "Evil" Queen is often comical, and lacks oh what is
it... EVILNESS! Mean wile, The Huntsman's Queen is a total Bitch. I
mean, she's the one that would feed her own child to the crocodiles if
it benefitted her. At times downright scary and Insance, The Huntsman
wins by a longshot. Best Queen: Snow White And The Hunstman.
Cinema Won-
    Finally, we can agree on something. Julia Roberts embarrases herself
in Mirror Mirror. Charlize Theron is great in SWATH. What else do you
need to know? Point goes to Snow White and the Huntsman!
Best Love Interest:
The Undefined Gamer-
    Mirror Mirror's Prince figure is simple, comical, and not all that
manly at times. The Huntsman, who plays what can be interpretted as
the Prince and Snow White's love interest, has deep pains, a complex
backstory, a rockin' axe, and is, well, Chris Hemsworth. Although the
Hemsworth performance isn't perfect and I'd really wish he'd stick to
Thor, I'd gotta give him it. Best Prince: Snow White And The Huntsmen
Cinema Won-
    Again, no contests here. I like Armie Hammer, but even he's bad in
Mirror Mirror. Hemsworth does a great job playing both a bad-ass
and an interesting character to boot. Point goes to Snow White and
the Huntsman!
Best World:
The Undefined Gamer-
    You'd think this'd be hard. Mirtor Mirror has creative costumes, a
generic castle, and a tiny world. Whereas The Huntsman has a huge,
open world, the best artists and special effects money can buy, a
castle that actually looks realistic and can only be reached while the
tide is in (really creative there), snakes that look like tree
branches, hell The Huntsman is just bursting with creativity. I mean
had this been something other than Snow White, this movie would've had
a chance to be great. Best World: Snow White And The Huntsman

Cinema Won-
    This is starting to get boring. Mirror Mirror creates a world that is
shockingly bland for a Tarsem movie. Everything about it is been-there-
done-that. SWATH may also be fairly generic, but it does have some
interesting features to it. Neither are that great, but in the end, point goes
to Snow White and the Huntsman!
Best Movie:
The Undefined Gamer-
    No contest. Snow White And The Huntsman. It outacts, outthinks, and
outwrites Mirror Mirror. Mirtor Mirror has comedy and likability, but
that's it. The Huntsman combats it with creativity, Epicness, acting,
and writing. So despite it's dumb moments, The Huntsman gets the cake.
Best Movie- Snow White And The Huntsman.
Cinema Won-
    yes, this is truly "No contest". Mirror Mirror is an awful movie, with (Despite
Lily Collins) has terrible acting, a boring world, a boring story and is just all
around boring. SWATH might no be great, but it was an interesting and
entertaining movie. Point goes to Snow White and the Huntsman!
Snow White and the Huntsman beats Mirror Mirror



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