Friday, November 16, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Paul" Review

Hooray. Funny aliens are funny.
      To say this movie is simply hilarious and fun to watch can
basically sum up this movie pretty well.
    Paul follows two British Sci-Fi geeks fresh from Comic Con on a
roadtrip though all of Anerica's famous UFO sites. Along the way, they
run into Paul, a delightfully rude alien who escaped from Area 51
after he refused to give up his stem cells.
    The story holds up pretty well, as Paul's story, although pretty
"out-of-this-world"(I can just see all of your eyes revolve as I say
that), is pretty damn believable. Paul, who can also turn invisible
when holding his breath, saw his captivity as a mere visit... until he
refused to give the big, bad government what they want. Touching at
times, and hilarious at others, the plotline holds up pretty darn
Who's number one!
    However, this remains an R comedy. So yes, of course, it's raunchy
as hell. But for the most time, it's for the better. The comedy is
great, throwing in little movie spoofs as it goes along, and only
harbors a few awkward moments when the comedy fails. Because of this,
Paul, despite being a CGI character in a live-action movie, is perhaps
the most likable character because of this. Shocking, right?
   The special effects and CGI are great for the most part, with only
a few awkward scenes. The dialogue is cleverly written, for the most
part that is. The movie as a whole has all that an R rated comedy
needs, and I really see little ways it could be improved upon. Paying
homage to great Sci-Fi movies like E.T. and Star Wars, as well as all
the Sci-Fi classics and Extra Terrestial craze of the 50s and 60s,
Paul will satisfy your inner nerd and need for comedy.
Come on, guys. It's
a good movie.
 Paul gets 4.5 stars out of 6

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