Friday, November 2, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "The Haunted" Review

First my computer break... then we get a hurricane.
Ah well, Cinema Won is back!
Here's a post somebody else wrote.

 With every High School Musical, there seems to be a Sunday School
Musical. So is true in the field of horror and Supernatural creatures.
This is Animal Planet's The Haunted.

    Before I went over how eerily spooky and downright perfect
Discovery Channel's A Haunting seems to be. However, Animal Planet
soon would want in on the dough. And thus we got Animal Planet's The

   The Haunted surely is not bad. It's interesting, is based off real
accounts, is narrated almost entirely by the victims, but lacks one
thing that A Haunting definitely has. It's not sh*t stopping scary.
Yes, although well made, they tend to pick some of the less
frightening accounts that don't usually hit home all that often. Sure
you'll get some frightening episodes, but as a whole them show lacks
the fright factor.

   But that doesn't mean it's not interesting. It surely is. And it is
well-made, but in this case it's not how they did the show, it's what
they did. In A Haunting, the angles and video edits where spot on in
drawing human fear, trying to be as creepy as possible, trying to get
down to even making the commercial break scenes give you dread. The
Haunted Simply doesn't have that. Even at the scariest scenes, it's
not exactly sh*t-your-pants-scary quite yet.

    But although I know this is silly, a show based off real hauntings
that isn't scary isn't bad. Sure it won't make you crap your pants,
but each episode is certaintly entertaining and holds your attention
(although not quite in a headlock like A Haunting) through the very
end, and leaves you with something to think about. Consider it simply
a weaker dose of A Haunting.  It's made for people who can't handle
the strong stuff.

The Haunted Gets 4 Stars Out Of 6

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