Monday, November 12, 2012

"Skyfall" Review

Now that's how you make a
Bond film!
    I can't really say I'm the biggest James Bond fan in the world. I love the movies, but I've only seen 7 or 8 of them total. But I've seen and heard enough to know just how much Casino Royale deviated from the usually Bond films. No crazy gadgets, not Moneypenny, no Q. That said though, it is an amazing action movie and still would get 6 stars out of me, despite is lack of James Bond classic elements. Hell, I'm even in the camp that thinks Quantum of Solace got a bad rap and is actually pretty good. And then Skyfall came along...
    The 23rd official entry in the James Bond series follows 007 (Daniel Craig) as he tries to prevent evil tech mastermind Silva (Javier Bardem) from in-acting an incredible complicated revenge plot that will end in the death of M (Judi Dench). With help from fellow agent Eve (Naomie Harris), quartermaster Q (Ben Whishaw) and agent Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), Bond must use his skills to stop Silva and save M's life.
Bond film or Alcohol ad?
You decide...
    There's a lot more to the story, as is usually the case with a Bond film. But I won't spoil all the surprises and great references to the past 50 years of Bond. The problem with the last two Craig Bond's was that they weren't really James Bond. They were more the British Jason Bourne, which was fine and was usually great, but here, Skyfall gives us something different. Craig, who continues to do an utterly fantastic job as 007, gets to do all the cool, classic Bond things that Connery, Moore, Dalton and on got to do. He gets his Q, gets neat gadgets, gets the Bond women. Skyfall is a classic Bond film in every meaning of the term.
    Bond is back as Bond, as he should be. Skyfall is not only the best of the Daniel Craig Bond's, but it's also one of the best damn Bond movies period. The action scenes, including one of the best movie explosions in film history, are all killer. The set-pieces are insane and are the best action scenes out of any movie this year. Director Sam Mendes isn't know for action and will now probably becomes the go-to director for any action film that's being planned for released. Besides the action, everything in this movie just works. Bardem gives a great performance as Silva, even if the villain himself isn't the best in Bond history. Harris is great, Whishaw modernizes Q very well and Dame Judi Dench is... well, Dame Judi Dench. Of course she's good in this.
Daniel Craig is... standing.
    Let me repeat myself. Skyfall is not only the best of the Daniel Craig Bond's, but it's also one of the best damn Bond movies period. Everything in the movie is either great or almost great. It's the best action movie of the year, the best action movies of most years and you need to see this movie now. Skyfall gets 6 stars out of 6.

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  1. Good review Alex. I liked Casino Royale more though but this almost lived up to the hype. A decent flick and one of the better Bond movies, but not my favorite of all-time I have to say.