Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "Snow White and the Huntsman" Review

Another review for Snow White?
She just won't go away!
    As many (or few) of you may know, earlier this year I reviewed
Mirror Mirror, this movie's twin Snow White film. It was ok and
harmless for the most part. But god it could've been worse. (It was terrible- CW)
So can be said for this film.
    This interpretation gives the characters far more backstory. The
Queen in this one is a cursed witch who can live forever... as long as
she has young woman readily available to steal their beauty from. She
is also a widower, and has stolen many kingdoms as a result of that,
including Snow's (she killed the king while having sex).
    Like every other telling of this story, Snow is kept alive, for the
magical mirror god (Don't ask) said only Snow can make her immortal
without the need of beautiful woman. As you can already tell, this
movie built quite a bit on the fairy tale, mainly through adding new
characters and symbolism (No symbolism!- CW). Snow now has a brother (That was
actually her love interest, Mitch- CW) (William) and an uncle (Lord Whatshisface),
as does The Queen (Was he named?). As well as adding several other characters and places,
I have to admit, despite the fact that neither Snow or the Huntsman (played by
Chris Hemsworth), take showers and is not so appealing the first half of the
movie due to their emphasis on the gritty realism of this world (it's
just so... dirty), the world is well developed and just looks awesome
in HD, while the writers do manage to weave in a lot of literary
devices rather well, that you just don't see in other Medieval
thrillers of this genre. Not to overpraise the writing though, it has
it's share of plotholes and wtf moments, but to give it props it is
well written at certain parts and definitely deserves some recognition.
Oh, you said tree HOUSE!
Now I feel silly.
    Now let's talk about the plot. So... Snow White escapes herself
due to clever use of a nail, runs into the dark forest, is
captured/saved by the huntsman, all the while while The Queen's
Brother is hunting her down. They do meet up with the dwarves, and the
poison apple is integrated into the storyline, and not integrated last
second like Mirror Mirror did, it legitimately serves a purpose. Oh
and Kristen Stewart kicks some ass.
    To say this movie is one of the best of the year would be a severe
overstatement. But to say it's bad.... no. The movie is creative, well
made, enchanting at times, horrid at others, dirty, and epic, yet
riddled with stupid moments and flaws in the script that somehow got
overlooked. Still, the script does contain some uniqueness that movies
in general today don't have, or have very little. And that has to
count for something. The acting is fine, it's everything you've come
to expect from these actors. In all, not a bad movie, certainly
better than Mirror Mirror, and one I'd recommend renting to kill a few
hours... but DO NOT REWATCH IT.
Snow White And The Huntsmen Gets 4 Stars Out of 5.

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