Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gamer v Cinema: Disney Buys Lucasfilms Part 2

Alex and Mitch continue to agrue about
Star Wars!
The Undefined Gamer:
    Alex, Alex, Alex.
    If the majority of the Book cannon sucked, you'd be right, however
with many (including the Hand of Thrawn Trilogy, which takes place
only a couple years after Episode 6 and has won many Nebulas),
however, the books are popular for a reason. I can see them using all
the Thrawn stuff, as well as the hard-assed Yuuzon-Vong War (the race
that uses living machines and are universally hated). Legacy of the
Force and Jedi Academy should also be used.
    There are tons of books already having a pretty golden continuity.
Each major character has a place in the series. They can't just
through these books away and start over.
    Because they already have successful stories they can build off of.
    Although I agree some stories need to be tweaked, no major characters
should be excluded, for George Lucas has already laid out a pretty
solid foundation not only for the next adventures of Luke Skywalker
and friends, but the next next generation (counting Anakin's gen.).
    Dude, Leia is no Disney Princess. In the Thrawn Trilogy, she trained
as a jedi... while being pregnant... while piecing together the entire
friggin government... all at the same time!
Cinema Won:
     Disney Princesses as of the last few years have been acting more and
more capable and bad-ass, so I that Leia would be a strong addition to their
Princesses. Plus, she'd make a great role model for little girls (If she isn't
     I don't care if the book canon is good, it's needlessly complicated
and would alienate fans of the films. Plus, I still think a new, original take
on a sequel trilogy is what's needed here. No more Darth Vader, no more
Han Solo, no more Luke Skywalker.
    They are part of the original trilogy. Having them return to once
again fight the Empire is not happening. the Empire shouldn't even be the
villains in the sequels. Having them return will make the original trilogy
 feel pointless. New characters, new enemies, new worlds. That's what this
sequel trilogy needs (And will do). Except for R2-D2, he stays.
The Undefined Gamer:
    The Empire evolves into something totally different. Boba Fett becomes
ruler of Mandalore, a planet filled with ppl just like him. Vader is
dead. New sith arise. New, non flimsy generals like Admiral Pallaeon
rise as Thrawn's almost equal. Luke becomes a totally different,
mature person. R2 an Threepio are there till the end. The cintinuity
is already nearky perfect. Although I admit certaintly some parts need
to be edited, no major characters should be deleted. Don't kill off
Luke Skywalker's wife prematurely. Don't pull an X-men 3 on us.
    If you get rid of all the characters, it won't feel like Star Wars.
The prequels where not as good because even though they had
recognizeable connections, the story wasn't the same.
    Star Wars certaintly needs a modern touch and should look beyond
Episode 6, but to do so you must start at Episode 6, otherwise it
won't be Star Wars. It will be some random crappy Space opera with
Cinema Won
    Look, The Empire can't be back in any way, shape of form. If the original
trilogy is to have any meaning whatsoever in the Stars Wars continutity then
the Empire must have been delted permanately. The Prequels sucked not
because they didn't have old characters, but because the new characters sucked.
Star Wars mega-fans or whatever need to quit bellyaching and accept that things
change, new characters are needed to make for a new, modern and more interesting
Star Wars trilogy. Luke Skywalker does not equal Star Wars.
    You made good points. I made good points. But, I'm your boss and I win.
The Undefined Gamer:
    Ok boss, lets shake hands
*Fires blaster on belt wile shaking hands*

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