Monday, May 30, 2011

Cinema Wins and Cinema Sins: Volume 2

I'm back after a nice Memorial Day weekend with this week's Cinema Wins and Cinema Sins, starting with,

- X-Men: First Class is getting even more good reviews and, while the week is early, is currently holding a 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

- After seeing Kung Fu Panda 2 I can happily say that, yes, it is better than the original, being bigger, riskier and better that the first one, something most sequels can seem to handle.

- As I talked about earlier in the week, The Muppets trailer actually looks fantastic and as a fan of The Muppets, this makes me very happy.

- Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, writers of consistantly horrifically bad spoof movies like Date Movie and Meet the Spartans, announced their next nightmare will be The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D which will be a spoof of Avatar. I'm calling it right now, this movie will have a Rotten Tomatoes rating of... 4%.

- In the catagory of Sequels Nobody Wanted, Warner Brothers announced that Yogi Bear 2 is in the works. Because one desecration of a beloved character just wasn't enough.

- In the catagory of Remakes That Screw With the Original, the Total Recall remake is offically happenning. Except that the remake won't take place on Mars. Isn't that like remaking Harry Potter without Hogwarts?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day weekend I will be on vacation so untill next Monday SEE YOU LATER! IT'S FRIDAY FRIDAY.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It WW3 for MW3

So, the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 trailer was released and left as much impact on me as getting into a arguement about Star Wars vs Star Trek: It makes you think, but in the end no one cares:

In my opinion the series went downhill once it started to care more about multiplayer then the campain and hasn't really been good since Call of Duty 3, but this is a new consept for a Call of Duty game. It follows a war that never happened (Yet): World War III. Sure it looks cool but my question is: Didn't the Call of Duty series use to be about realism? See you later.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Green With Envy Over New Muppets Trailer has the new trailer for the all-new Muppets Movie: 

The trailer is very funny and hopefully shows that the movie will be good as well. The film Jason Segel, Amy Adams, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the Muppets as they try to stop Chris Cooper's Tex Richman from tearing down the Muppet Theater. It's nice to see a remake of a childrens series that doesn't invole CGI or play down the characters for kids. *coughAlvinandtheChipmunkscough*

The Muppets fight for their theater on November 23, 2011.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cinema Wins and Cinema Sins: Volume 1

In this weekly series, I'll name my Cinema Wins (My favorite bits of movie news from the previous week) and Cinema Sins (My least favorite bits of movie news from the previous week).

- Dark Knight-Fever offically begins this week as a new viral campain is started: The link show a picture of Tom Hardy as villain Bane. So far at least the photo looks great. A win because, well, it's Batman.

- got a look at the finished X-Men: First Class and gave some very positive thoughts about the movie: Everything from the cast, the action, the story to even the sets was praised. A win because, after two lackluster films, the X-Men series may finally be getting back on track.

- I know this has nothing to do with film, but DAMN The Mentalist finale was good!

- Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides sadly has been getting pretty negative reviews. While many were apprehensive about the 4th movie, like I was,we were still hopeful that would not be the case. While I have yet to see the movie, I was really looking forward to this one.

- Ubisoft has plans to make 3-D movies off of three of their most popular series: Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon and Assassin's Creed. Now, while the problem with video game movies is that the games chosen tipically don't really have a story that lend itself well to film (See: Street Fighter, Doom, Resident Evil), Assassin's Creed and Splinter Cell may prove to be fine, though Ghost Recon probably won't. A sin, though, because their still 3-D video game movies. And we all know how well those turn out.

- Arnold Schwarzenegger, in light of his child scandal, has indefinately put his current project on hold. Action movie Cry Macho (Still an awful title), a new Terminator movie and animated show The Governator, have all been put on hold as of now. A sin because all of these projects all had the potental to be good and to potentally lose them because of this scandal would be a shame. Of course I may just feel that way because Schwarzenegger has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.

See you next week.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Mentalist "Strawberries and Cream" Review

I want to start this review by saying one thing: MAJOR SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!  IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FINALE, DON'T READ THIS!!!! Now that that's out of the way...

      The Mentalist is my favorite of the CBS procedurals and as such last night episode was...well...shocking. Not just shocking. Shockingly good. Not that I didn't think that this episode was going to be bad, but, wow. Just wow. Jane killed Red John. Patrick Jane finally met the infamous Red John and shot him dead in the middle of the food court. And then got arrested. Maybe I should back up a bit.
      The episode opened with a supposed bank robber dentonating a bomb in front of a gas station. The CBI was called and Jane and Lisbon soon discovered that the "robber" was forced to steal the money and he was just trying to get help when a mysterious caller detonated the bomb. The episode that followed featured secret codes, locked vaults, Lisbon getting a bomb strapped to her (Which was surprisingly intense seeing as we knew Lisbon and Jane wouldn't die) and of course, the discovery that the whole thing tied back to Red John.
      See, Red John was trying to find Hightower (Who Jane helped disappear when it was believed she was Red John's mole in the CBI) by using a security list from the bank. Jane then used this chance to catch Red John once and for all. In one of the most well done bait-and-switch/whose-the-real-bad-guy moments, with Jane using La Roche's list to find which of the suspects was really Red John's mole. The hotel scene was very well done and the show almost had me believing that CBI boss Bertram was the mole, only to reveal it was Van Plet's fiance O' Laughlin. While, yes, this could be seen coming a mile away it was still really well done.
      And now for the ending. Most people would think that this would be stupid. I mean think about it. The closing scene was just two characters sitting in a food court talking to each other. That's really it. But for fans of the show, this was the biggest, most intense and shocking moment of The Mentalist, PERIOD. Bradley Whitford is exactly what I thought Red John would be. Ordinary, could-be-your-neighbor terrifying killer that would do some horrible things to a man like Jane. Jane and John's converstion was truely scary and intense, know that at any minute something was going to happen. And boy did something happen! After confirming that Red John was Red John, Jane shot and killed him. It was nice to see Jane actually kill Red John. There was no "I forgive you" or "I won't kill you, because I want to show I'm the better person." No. Jane said he would kill Red John when he met him. Jane met him. And he killed him. So the season ended with Jane getting arrested for the shooting.
      What's going to happen next season? Who knows? But I'm super excited for next year and personally out of all of the finales I've seen so far this week, The Mentalist's finale was easily the best so far. But we still have Supernatural and Glee to get through. See you later.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

James Cameron's New Hit is His Old Hit Too

So, on April 6, 2012 James Cameron will re-release Titanic in 3-D!!!!!!!!! Wait, why? Was the Titanic really a movie that people were saying "You know what would make this better? The ship coming straight at me. IN 3-D!!!!!!!!" Nothing really against Cameron or the movie, but this just fell like a cash-in on Cameron success with Avatar and maybe an ego trip as well. I mean, will people who've seen the movie really go see it again just because it's in 3-D? Plus, it's being converted to 3-D and we all know how well that work *coughClashoftheTitanscough* This just seems like an...odd idea, doesn't it?

The Beginning of The Beginning of The Beginning's Beginning

It's taken me 3 months but I've finally gotten a blog. This feels...minty. Seriously though, my name is Alex and the purpose of Cinema Won is to take a look at the world of entertainment through the eyes of a teenager. This blog will feature reviews, news and all the stuff I think is important that relates to movies, tv, music, video games, books, ETC. I suspect my first major blog posts to start this weekend and I'll try to get a link to my Rotten Tomatoes account as soon as I can. So, untill then, have fun.

Edit: Here's the Rotten Tomatoes link:
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