Friday, November 2, 2012

The Undefined Gamer: "A Haunting" Review

Happy Halloween! A few days late, but still...

Ever wanted a show that scared the bajeebers off of you? Ever wanted
a show to leave a long, lasting impact on you for a couple days?
Discovery Channel's A Haunting does both and more.

    A Haunting is a Discovery Channel TV Show that usually airs around

October, based on real accounts of Hauntings. Sure, some names are
changed and it's dramatized, but despite this, and due to the fact
that it's based off Real Life Accounts, the show is scary as hell.

The show's title again.
    How scary you might ask? Well Let's just say this is the only show
that has driven me back under the blankets at night and really scared
the crap out of me in a long time, and the only one to do this while
 Everything's done perfectly, the acting (errreenacting), 
the makeup, the effects, the camera angles, everything.
And you know what? Just to make it even more unnerving you have the
victims usually NARRATING part of each episode.

    In all, there is very little to complain about A Haunting. As I

said before the acting is gold, the effects are good, the show seems
to do everything right. It's simply a very well-made, very frightening
Halloween show. If you want to scare yourself, see this.

They're weren't a lot of pictures
for this show, okay!
A Haunting gets 6 stars out of 6

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