Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: Nintendo Owns Evertything

A double dose of The Undefined Gamer
continues with some direct news.

      If you haven't seen April 8th's Nintendo Direct, go see it. We finally
see the fruits of Nintendo's labor, and they are glorious. Boasting an
expanded roster, new game mechanics, sleeker graphics, and not one but
two new Smash Bros. games, Nintendo has made it clear that they are
ready to make up for lost ground, and fast.
      With the next two Smash Bros. (SSB 3DS/ Wii U), Nintendo is finally
unleashing their system-sellers. With Mario Kart 8 on its way, all
Nintendo will have to do is perhaps release a new Zelda or Metroid and
they should be in good shape. Smash Bros. reminds us that Nintendo in
fact has a lot of beloved franchises, precious few of which them Wii U
has had the pleasure of supporting.
      Honestly, I'm hoping SSB will bring inspiration to franchises like
Megaman, the long defunct Capcom series, to rise once again, this time
to Wii U. SSB can sometimes serve as a tech demo for these long
hibernated series. It worked out that way for Kid Icarus, hopefully it
can transition over to others.
      Sorry to say, I've seen no Solid Snake, though after Ground Zeroes, I
really can't blame Nintendo for kicking him out.

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