Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Undefined Gamer on Robert Benfer

Just who is this guy?

      It's sad that this guy is declining.
      In viewership, anyways.
      Who is Robert Benfer? Glad that you asked.
      Frequent collaborator with Filmcow, Robert is best known for his work on under the username Knox. There he dominated the then small claymation market with his "Klayworld" shorts. He even produced a feature film that allowed him to gain access to a professional animation team, though he sadly had to scrap this collaboration later due to financial issues. He moved to Youtube, producing live action comedy shorts in addition to his collaborations with Jason Steele at FilmCow. 
      He does stupid humor and he does it well. He excels at making videos that seem to make you laugh for no discernible reason. His viewership should be increasing, however due to recent changes in how Youtube works, the opposite is true. In a system where the only thing that matters is minutes watched, shorts just can't compete. 
      This is what new Youtube is like; quantity over quality. 
      If you haven't already, I highly recommend seeing Robert's body of work. Though no masterpieces yet, I find his videos entertaining, at times brilliantly structured, and hilarious in their own special way. My only warning is that he does cater to a select audience nowadays, so you might at first get perplexed, though after a few videos this will wear off. 

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