Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: "Mount Your Friends" Review

All the kids are doing it!

      Mount Your Friends is a 2013 Steam Greenlight project by Stegersaurus Games. The object of the game is to climb higher than your friends for as many turns as you can. What you end up with at the end of each game is a mountain of frozen sweaty guys in speedos.
      Yes, their dicks do move, but it is done in the least offensive way you can imagine, meaning that the profanity has little chance of corrupting your little children's minds. 
      The game works surprisingly well. It' way more intense than one would imagine. This is due to the fact that each turn has a time limit, and despite the fact that the distance one needs to climb increases each turn, the time limit per turn always remains the same. 
      This is a game were you need to overcome the controls. They are purposefully difficult in order for the layer to experience the maximum number of ridiculous poses possible. 
      And that's a central theme in Mount Your Friends. Though its tournament play modes are super intensive, the other modes, such as "Mancraft" (in which you build things out of people) are actually quite jolly.
      My only suggestion would be to expand the tournament play so you can include more than two people easily. The game is set up so you need to pass the controller if you want to do so, and when one player loses, the entire game stops. Perhaps a mode where multiple controllers can be linked with an elimination system could be established?
      Mount Your Friends is simply a wonderful game. At merely one dollar, it is more than worth the money. Stegersaurus games honestly could get away with pricing this in the 15-30 dollar range. 
      A game that will bring endless joy to you and your friends, be sure to pick it up.
      Mount Your Friends is available through Steam and Xbox Live.

Mount Your Friends gets 6 stars out of 6.

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