Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: "Doctor Who: Deep Breath" Review

I always get these things spoiled for me...

      This took me awhile to do as I wasn't sure whether I liked Capaldi or not. The often hard to understand Scottishman's take was so different than recent takes on the character that I at first felt a bit alienated by him, though longtime fans will feel right at home as Capaldi's era is essentially classic who with modern effects. 
      The transition was made easy by stellar writing. Unlike many forgettable Matt Smith villains, the clockwork robots where portrayed extremely well, with promise of a return in a later episode thanks to the mysterious Missie.
      My biggest question in this episode had to do with Capaldi's ability as an actor. Under further review, I'd say he nailed it. Though I am not yet used to his accent, Capaldi is a hoot, shooting great line after line like a cannon, many of which are just hilarious. For those of you still unsure of the new doctor, if you look closely enough his doctor is surprisingly similar to fellow Scott David Tennant, in the respect that no matter what he manages to maintain this very level headed air of responsibility while still managing to have plenty of fun. Smith fans will hate him for this, being that his take on the Doctor was quite different than this.
      As pointed out by Emergency Awesome, Capaldi also has an interesting contradiction-- he complains about being alone yet rejects hugs. I find that very amusing. 
      Jenny, Strax, and Vastra where also fleshed out greatly in this episode. That's always good.
      Everything else just takes some getting used to. The opening is different, but after a while I've learned to love it, and that's how the Moffat era is-- sure its different, but it sure is lovely.

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