Monday, February 2, 2015

The New Cinema Won

2014 has come and gone and, well, to be honest, Cinema Won seemed to have gone with it. I mean, it’s hard to deny that my heart just wasn't in this anymore when I completely stopped doing it for several months. But during that time away, I think I might have realized something. Simply put, I was doing it wrong. See, I never wanted Cinema Won to feel like a job, but it became exactly that. The idea of going to the movies every week to review it later just wasn't fun and for a job that I received no pay or much credit for doing, yeah, it was hard to get myself motivated, especially with a college work load and a social life.
     But I still want to make this work. I do have fun doing Cinema Won, but not like this. See, despite my thoughts that it’s somehow “more important” to review current films, I always would have rather seen the film and talk about something else. I mean, I haven’t stopped going to the movies. I still go every single weekend. But not every movie I want to talk about and feeling like I had to just killed it for me. But, that did make me realize something. While I don’t have fun reviewing current releases, I do have a ton of fun talking about obscure, odd films that other people don’t talk about.
     I really do feel like my last review, Riding the Bullet, is some of my best work and it mostly stems from the fact that it was a genuinely interesting and somewhat strange film I had never heard of before. Essentially, the world doesn't need a 128,435th review of the new Hunger Games, but it could do with a review or at least discussion on a Stephen King adaptation from several years ago that involves a roller coaster as a metaphor for life in the most self-serious way possible. Because that to me is interesting,
     And that’s what, hopefully, Cinema Won will be from now on. A site devoted to looking at the strangest films I can find, or at least the films that no one else is looking at. That said however, I don’t find new releases boring, just not what I want to do full reviews of. Therefore, with it being the end of the month, I figure why don’t I give quick reviews of all the movies I saw in that month in theaters.

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