Monday, June 18, 2012

State of the Cinema: June 11 to June 17, 2012

    This week, I officially finished the newest school year and get 10 full weeks of summer! In other news, I start my two week driving school today.
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Extra News:
- Summit wants to try to continue on with the Twilight series, even after the final book adaptation releases in November. Robert Pattinson already said he wouldn't return and I think fans will feel the same way. Even just rebooting the whole thing I think would fail. Oh well, they have to try, right?

- According to, Disney's The Lone Ranger is once again having problems with it's budget. Now, it's over budget and it's starting to look as if, in order for the film to just break even, it would need to bring in well over $800 million. Ouch.

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Upcoming Posts:
- Journey 2: The Mysterious Island Review
- The Grey Review
- Brave Review

Box Office Top Ten:
1. Madagascar 3- 35.5 million
2. Prometheus- 20.2 million
3. Rock of Ages- 15 million
4. Snow White and the Huntsman- 13.8 million
5. That's My Boy- 13 million
6. Men in Black 3- 10 million
7. The Avengers- 8.8 million
8. The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel- 2.2 million
9.  Moonrise Kingdom- 2.1 million
10. What to Expect When Your Expecting- 1.3 million

Out This Week
- Brave
- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
- Seeking a Friend for the End of the World
- To Rome With Love

Box Office Prediction
1. Brave- 40 million
2. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- 25 million
3. Madagascar 3- 18 million
4. Prometheus- 14 million
5. Rock of Ages- 9 million

That's it for this week in time.

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