Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cartoons Won: Red Tornado, Gitchee Gitchee Goo, Man-Crab and Tunnels

Week four is the best yet (Except for Tron).

He's a mean one, that Grinch.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Episode 4: "Invasion of the Secret Santas!"

      Like I said. This one just keeps getting better and better. Today's episode is a Christmas special, so we'll go ahead a pretend I planned this and it's a "Christmas in July" kinda thing. I don't know if I've said this enough, but I love Christmas. So, when I get to watch a good Christmas special, I tend to go easier on things. Maybe that's what's happening, but man, this was a good Christmas special. This time, a villain called Fun Haus (Based on Toyman) is wrecking havoc on a small town on Christmas Eve, so it's time for Batman and partner Red Tornado to save the holiday and find the spirit of Christmas. This episode was just a ton of fun. Once again, the team-up partner proved to be a lot of fun, with Red Tornado, a robot, trying to feel the Christmas spirit being a lot of fun. Plus, Batman stopped being such a stooge and we got some of his backstory in this episode. which was actually pretty emotional. On top of all that, he all got to fight robots Santas and a giant toy soldier. Ahh, the holidays. 

I know what the rest of my summer will be.
Phineas and Ferb
Episodes 7/8: "Are You My Mummy?/Flop Starz"
      This show has been pretty consistent overall. Every episode has been good, though not great. Though, the show is still very fun. It seems like they are finally settling down a little and thankfully changing up the formula a little. Plus, it's still funny. In the first story, Phineas and Ferb decide to hunt down a mummy, only to find themselves accidentally mistaking Candice for a mummy. It's a fun little story. Some clever jokes about booby traps makes the episode funny and some fun sight gags with movie posters also keep me entertained. Though, Perry's story wasn't great this time around. Something about the ocean and evil bubbles. The second episode fares better. In this one, Phineas and Ferb set out to be one hit-wonders, because more than one hit is just too exhausting. As a little note, this episode, while the 8th in production order, was the first to air on Disney Channel. And there's good reason for that. It's just a lot of fun. The episode has some good laughs, including a joke involving Perry, Doofenshmirtz and some pepper and the episode's song, "Gitchee, Gitchee, Goo" is actually pretty good. Overall, the best episode of the show so far. 

Relax, I sure it's like King Kong. Probably.
Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated
Episode 4: "Revenge of the Man Crab"

      Again, here we have the best episode of the show so far, the best episode of the week and the best episode of any show so far in this series. Not bad, right? This time around, the Scooby gang are trying to stop the monstrous Man Crab from ruining a local volleyball tournament. However, the stakes are raised when Daphne get's kidnapped by the monster! This episode is hilarious. Fred makes this show know. His digging when Daphne is taken is funny and Daphne putting tanning oil on because Fred like's shiny things is hysterical. The monster is actually terrifying, keeping with the show's theme of traumatizing it's audience, plus, this week we actually learned more about the overarching story. Yeah! I did still have two small problems. One, I think Scooby talks too much. Literally. I don't remember him talking in full conversations before know, did he? And two, and I can't believe I didn't think of this before know, but who the hell is the DJ the gang is hanging out with? Seriously, was there ever and explanation given? Oh well, still a great episode of the show.

Really? Even the explosions are freaking blue?
Tron: Uprising
Episode 4: "Blackout"

      Yes, this is in fact, the best episode yet of Tron: Uprising. And it still sucks. Now, Beck's personality, along with both Paige and Zed's, have completely changed because know Beck has to be a hero, Paige has to be turning into a good guy and Zed has to start being reckless. Because the plot says so! This time around, Beck tries to destroy a drill causing blackout around the Grid. As Paige tries to stop him, he learns that Zed has taken on racing and is heading towards the impossibly large explosion. Oh noes! Ugh. This episode is more action-oriented, so thankfully it's not entirely boring, but I still can't get over how poorly made and badly written this series is. Are we sure this series isn't a parody of movie-tie-in cartoons?

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  1. The Undefined GamerAugust 2, 2013 at 1:55 PM

    You are going to love Mystery Incorporated's season finale. Too bad Cartoon Network made a mess out of Season 2. Its not that Season 2 is bad, in fact in many respects, it's better than Season 1, it's just Cartoon Network set in place a mediocre airing schedule.