Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Aura Aura Climber" Review

Well, it's back to video games.

      Before I discuss this game, I'd like to state that I only got it
because it was free. See, Nintendo has a rewards program called Club
Nintendo in which you can exchange codes printed on ©Nintendo products
for virtual money only good for buying Nintendo products, namely
games. Club Nintendo's services are mediocre at best, as only four
downloadable games are eligible at a time to be exchanged for
Club-Nintendo Funny Money: 2 3DS titles, and 2 Wii U titles. Of the
selection, only 1 was recent: Aura Aura Climber (and that is in fact a
DSi title). Naturally, I picked Climber over the original Super Smash
Bros. and Donkey Kong.
      Aura Aura Climber is best described as a puzzle game, though it
can be seen as a platformer. It shares many elements with Mario in the
regard that the object of the game is to reach a goal, though while
Mario travels mainly to the right to reach his goal; Aura Aura must
climb to the sky to his/her role.
      It's decent enough as a platformer, though the game reeks of
puzzle elements. What exactly Aura is, I haven't a clue. For the most
part it works, but Aura Aura's lack of touchscreen use definitely
wounds it. If you play it, you'll find throughout many parts of the
game where usage of the touchscreen would be useful, but where it is
sadly unavailable.
What the hell is that?
      Again, for the most part, it works. You'll find many elements in
this game that are borrowed from Nintendo's other platformers, like
the launch pads from "The Legendary Starfy," though the game boosts
the difficulty level a bunch. Aside from the main quest, the only
other feature is endless mode. It's fine, but not at all addicting.
      It's too bad, because it seems that that was the kind of game
Nintendo was trying to make: simple yet addicting. In simpler terms,
they were trying to make an iPad game for the 3DS, minus the
touchscreen interaction. While never horrible, the game never really
has much going for it. Though I enjoyed it, I was never really
compelled to pick it up again, and that "addiction" factor never set
      Still, it's a potentially free game for some of you, so its not
like downloading this game is a huge investment. I still wish that I
downloaded Donkey Kong instead.

Aura Aura Climber gets 3 stars out of 6.

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