Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Undefined Gamer Talks Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo seems to have a trend of alienating its audiences. Like
the Wii, 3DS, and Wii U before it, it seems that Nintendo once again
seems to have to explain themselves for their new console: the 2DS.

      The above statement is completely and utterly false.
      First of all, the 2DS is not a new console; it is simply a
modified version of a previous one. The 2DS is simply a stripped down
3DS made to move more consoles and sell more games. The 2DS costs
substantially less than the 3DS, and will allow many more players to
experience next-gen handhelds.
      The 2DS is to be treated like the 3DS XL and DSi XL. Its simply an
econimical alternative to the 3DS. Its just another option. Wouldn't
it be great say, if the 3DS's competitor, the PS Vita, had the option
of a less expensive model as well as a supersized one?
      What's most important is that people remember who the 2DS's target
audience is. Little kiddies of happiness!
      I've seen plenty of little kids receive DSs only to shortly break
them. Heck, I was only 13 when I broke my first DS. The 2DS is simply
a disposable DS for said shits.
      That being said, I have a few complaints. The 2DS should close. As
is, the thing looks hideous-- a cross between one of those cheap games
you'd get at McDonalds and an updated gameboy. All of what makes the
DS's design great and what sets it aside and above from its
predeccesor, the GBA, is gone. By eliminating the closing factor,
Nintendo has made this disposable DS all the more fragile.
      True, the 2DS is slightly thicker than a 3DS in some areas, the
console still looks too breakable. True, anything Nintendo is still
10X as durable as whatever is on the market, but the 2DS pales in
comparison to the 3DS.
      Given a choice between getting a 2DS and a PS Vita, I'd still take
the 2DS in a heartbeat. The 2DS will help bring console gaming back
into the hands of many, despite its flaws. Despite its clear focus on
presenting the 2DS as a begginer console, I'd actually reccomend this
device to people, particularly high school/college students
(Alex*cough*cough) who have pondered getting a 3DS, but have been
unable to due to monetary reasons. The fact is, the 2DS can still do
most of the things a 3DS can do, and as long as you take care of it
and can get used to the strangeness of it, you can get an experience
strikingly similiar to the one I experience everyday on my 3DS, for a
much reduced price. Hey, people though that the Wii U was strange, and
look how its doing now. (Poorly?- CW)

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