Monday, October 21, 2013

The Future of Cinema Won

      I just wanted to write something quick in order to say a few things that I think I need to be said. I alway had a tendency to start a NEW SERIES and then several weeks later, end it unceremoniously and never mention it again. And here's why. I don't want Cinema Won to be a job. I may not get paid, have the bigger fanbase or anything like that. But I think I do well and maybe this will grow into something big. Well, bigger. But, I will only do this if I am enjoying it. And series force me into deadline and making watching the film I review an assignment. I do it for work and not for enjoyment, which I think sways the review and takes the fun out of it. So, from now on, I will not be starting any new series. Maybe when I can get videos done, I'll bring back a few, alongside my plans for Awfully Direct. But for now, no more series. I may however start doing more of these monthly themes. If I can plan ahead some and get a manageable number of film to be reviewed, then this could be a fun addition to Cinema Won. And, as always, I will gladly take suggestions and work with others if they are willing to. After all, who knows where this is going to go?

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  1. Some Gamer You Might KnowOctober 21, 2013 at 9:39 PM

    Suggestion: Turn Cinema Won into a Mexican Wrestling Ring