Friday, October 4, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Hunger" Book Review

The sequel to that thing!

      Book 2 of the Gone series finds Sam all tuckered out from being a
near-totalitarian ruler. Set 3 months after Gone, Caine, Sam's
long-lost brother and rival, who has met the mysterious "Darkness" at
the end of Gone, has snce been sick, thus unable to battle for those 3
months. Drake, the tentacle-handed pyscopath, has filled in for Caine
over at Coates Academy.
      In addition to Sam's disillusionment with power, food is starting
to run short. As the FAYZ is an area ruled solely by children, they
ate selfishly and stupidly, filling up in goodies such as cookies,
while allowing all the fresh produce and meat to spoil.
      As such, Sam and Albert (who reopened the McDonalds), decide to
ride out into the agricultural areas of the FAYZ to pick food. To
their surprise, carnivorously territorial man-eating worms have moved
in, devouring newcomer E.Z. faster than an Alaskan Bull Worm.
      To make matters worse, more "freaks"- people who have varying
superpowers, all directed through their hands, have developed powers.
Meet Orsay Pettijohn, a girl with the ability to see into people's
dreams; Duck Zhang, an asian boy with the ability to sink into the
earth, or fly; and lastly Hunter, a boy who can send deadly microwaves
from his hands, cooking his enemies alive.
      Then you have Lana, locally known as The Healer, who, like Caine
and Drake, have also encountered the Darkness. Once you hear the
Darkness, it will always be able to talk to you pyschically, warping
your thoughts to suite its own ends.
      As such, the Darkness manipulates Lana and Caine into making sure
Lana, who could help it form a physical body, is at the mine shaft;
while Caine's followers attack the Nuclear plant in order to bring the
creature Uranium. It ultimately fails, drawing all of Sam's
administration, save Astrid and her brother, Little Pete, out from
Perdido Beach to deal with this threat.
      Meanwhile, a dick named Zil Sperry is capitolizing on the resentment
between "freaks" and "normals," leading a normal riot against the
freaks via the food supply. Zil hates freaks ever since Hunter got his
powers (and he didn't). Eventually, Hunter and Zil get in a huge
fight--- and their friend, Hank, git caught in the crossfire. Hank's
death would serve as the fuel behind Zil's anti-freak movement, and
the formation of his group, the "Human Crew."
      Things almost fall apart in Perdido Beach. Things definately got
significantly worse in this book since Gone. The power is out.
Tensions are high. Food is low. And many miny-crises are springing up
at the same time.
      Under the hood, there is as many literary devices that where found
in Gone; though as supplies dissapear, so do allusions. Not to worry,
for a surge in symbols equal the book out.
      The intensity and page-turnability has nearly doubled since Gone.
What already was a pretty fast-paced series, just got faster. Constant
action, plenty of twists, and overall good YA writing makes Hunger,
despite its simple title, a worthy book that should be on anybody's
summer reading list.

Hunger gets 5 stars out of 6

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