Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: Hyrule Warriors

For the record, Cinema Won has
no real opinion on this.

       Recently, Nintendo has released waves and waves of goodies promising a
deeper library of games for the 3DS/Wii U. Most notably are a Kirby
game, Mario Kart 8, and the fact that Rosalina will now be joining
Smash Bros. (Luma + Kirby= Adorableness Overload).
      However, one piece of news has sparked controversy, and it really shouldn't.
      Nintendo has revealed a collaboration with Koei creators of Dynasty
Warriors, to make a Legend of Zelda spin-off of the same series, named
Hyrule Warriors as of now. As someone who has friends who are obsessed
with Dynasty Warriors and understand why they love it, and as a
die-hard Legend of Zelda fan, I'm excited. While not graphically
stunning like the Legend of Zelda U E3 demo, the game simply looks
fun. All the elements seem to work. Personally, I've always thought
that Link is best suited to leading troops on a battlefield. As far as
government in Hyrule is, Link technically is something of a General,
given how much power the ruling class gives him. No, really. if Link
wanted to, he could f*ck Hyrule over easily.
      In addition to this, it fleshes out an aspect of the series that we've
never really seen before: soldiers in Legend of Xelda actually
fighting. Most of the time, they fight Ganondorf off-screen, and lose
more often than naught. In addition to this, we'll also get some
insight as to how Hyrule's hierarchy actually works. How much power
does Link have? What are his duties? Are there other Generals in
      Obviously this game will take place after one of Link's quests. Sorry,
but soldiers aren't that great for puzzle-solving in temples. This
will also provide some insight as to what Link does after games. Sure,
Ganon is defeated, but there are still legions of monsters out there,
roaming the countryside!
      I expect big things from this game. This isn't Link's Crossbow
Training. This isn't Pokémon Conquest. This isn't Soul Calibur. This
is Zelda made by a 3rd party company that has proved time and time
again that their games are worth playing.
      The only way Nintendo could screw this up is by putting restrictions
on what Koei can do. Don't limit them. Let Koei expand your world.
      Hey, Nintendo, it's your fault for being ambiguous. What's Hyrule? Is
it a country or planet? What lays beyond the confines of Zelda's
kingdom? Are there other kingdoms? Nintendo has never answered these
questions, so another company has to.
      That is if Koei will do this right. If not, well this could become
Pokémon Conquest meets Link's Crossbow Training meets Zelda CDI on the
Wii U.
      Again, lots of potential for this game, but it has to be handled
gingerly. These are two very competent companies. The only way this
could go wrong if they get in each other's way.

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