Friday, March 23, 2012

The Next "Next Twilight" Movie

    For the past several years, studios have been trying to recreate the astounding success of The Twilight Saga with several adaptations and reimagings of stories geared toward the Twilight crowd. The search has gotten even more intense, with the Twilight series itself bowing out this year with Breaking Dawn: Part 2. And now, we have a trailer for the next film to try a be a success, The Host.

    The Host has the very large advantage of being an adaptation of a Stephanie Meyer book, the author of the Twilight series. In it, a group of aliens have taken over Earth and one girl stand between them and total control. It stars Saoirse Ronan, of Hanna fame, along with Diane Kruger, William Hurt and Jake Abel. Regardless of how bad the trailer is (90% of it is bad photoshoping) and the somewhat scary fact that Meyer had anything to do with this, what is really giving me a bad feeling is the fact that it is so obviously a blantant cash-in on the Twilight films by using Meyer "other book". The Host invades theaters on March 29, 2013.

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  1. oh my god, I was surprised something random didn't pop up.