Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" Review

Featuring funny Will Ferrell!
      I'll just like to make one thing clear before I continue: the
reason for this review is because of AVGN: The Movie. Confused? Well,
according to IMdB, the same production company that is working on the
movie version of everybody's favorite nerd is also working on the
sequel to Anchorman (Anchorman: The Legend Continues). I don't
specifically know if that's true (I'll leave Alex to be the judge of
IMdB's legitness*), it served as the inspiration for this review (and a
bullshit way for me to talk about AVGN: The Movie. It's the 2nd
highest completely fan funded film of all time people! Go see it!).
      Anchorman follows the valiant team of Channel 4 news led by Ron
Burgundy (Ferrell), our suite-loving, hair obsessed protagonist; Brick
Tamlin (Carrol), the brain dead (or "mentally-retarded") weatherman;
Brian Fantana, the stylish member of the group; and Champ Kinds, the
crude sports broadcaster.
      The movie starts out slow, as in the first 20 minutes there is
little jokes and the ones that do appear rarely hit their mark. Fear
not! For it takes 20 minutes to get into the meat of the plot, and
Anchorman's meat is as meaty as this kind of movie can get.
      A female journalist named Veronica Corningstone (whom Ron tried to
lay previously at a party), was suddenly hired in Channel 4 News.
Veronica is hot and blond. You can pretty much guess where this is
      Fantana, Kinds, Tamlin, and Burgundy compete for Veronica's
affections. This is when the move finally takes off. Once it takes
off, it never slows down. Joke after joke lands and Anchorman makes
full use of its wonderful cast. It is after those first 20 odd minutes
that Anchorman becomes one of the funniest Will Ferrell movies I have
seen to date.

      The movie does so much right (it even manages to meaningfully use
celebrity cameos by people like Jack Black), that those minor
blemishes in the beginning are quickly forgotten. Even the love story
between Ferrell and Corningstone kind of works.
      Speaking of the love story and Jack Black. Drama-bomb. One day,
Burgundy decides to throw a burrito at a motorcyclist Jack Black. Jack
Black gets Burgundy to pull over and he kicks his dig, Baxter, off of
a bridge. From here, Burgundy's life spirals out of control as he
misses work (when you're upset you can't drive a car!), allowing
Veronica to fill in for him. Positive ratings allow Veronica to become
his co-anchor. Angered that Veronica stole his thunder (and the fact
that Burgundy is a little sexist), Burgundy ends their relationship.
Later on, at the urging of a "friend", Veronica changes Burgundy's
sign off line from "Stay classy, San Diego," to "Fuck you, San Diego."
This results in Burgundy losing his job, growing a beard and resorting
to guzzling milk out of the carton at a bar while humming "Midnight
      That escalated quickly. One moment Burgundy is San Diego's most
beloved weatherman, the next.... Bar Hobo (well, technically 3 months
passed between the Anchorman and Bar Hobo phase). And what of
Veronica? Sure, she's guilty, but at this point I care more about
Baxter than her (the movie even makes note of that near the end).
Anyways, through a story arc involving rival anchormen and Panda
Pregnancy, everything works out. Baxter even comes back, safe and
      Anchorman, once it gets started, is a wildly funny movie. It made
me laugh, and it'll make you laugh, too. It's a comedy. The other
elements (such as the love story between Ron and Veronica), might be
lacking, but the movie knows it's lacking, in fact it even makes fun
of it. Anchorman simply is a good waste of a couple hours and if you
see it on, you should watch it, and I'm looking forward to The Legend
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy gets 5 and a half stars out of 6.
* I can't find any production companies that those 2 movies share. There is a Chapman Studio Equipment working on the film though.- CW

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