Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the 1940s: "LA Noire and Back to the Future: The Game" Review

INTRODUCTIONS: LA Noire is Rockstar Studios newest game. The gmae follows Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective as he solves cases and catches criminals. Back to the Future: The Game follow Marty McFly as he goes back to the 1930s to rescue Doc Brown. This reviews the PS3 versions.

THE REVIEWS: LA Noire is obviously drastically different from Rockstar's other games Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto 4. In those games, for the most part, you played what many people would think as "bad guys'. In LA Noire, you play as a police officer, which is clearly a welcome change. Long story short this game is good. Noire does an expert job at actually making you feel like a detective. The graphics, especially the famous face animation, is fantastic. The characters are likable and the ending is quite possibly Rockstar's best yet.
    However, the game does have some major flaws. Like, even though the characters are good, they are definately the least memorable protagonists in a Rockstar game. The game may also be Rockstar's shortest. With 21 cases to do, all at varying lengths, the games, while a decent size, does feel a little short. However, that may be because the sandbox in this game is not very interesting. There just isn't enough to do. The game also has problem with variety. The game tends to have you work basically the smae cases over and over with only minor differences.
    Back to the Future: The Game was somewhat cleverly broken up into 5 downloadable chunks. The good news is that the game feels like the long-lost fouth movie. It's every bit as smart, funny and exciting as the other three films. However, gameplay-wise, the game can be a little to boring and repetitive to satasfiy some gamers.

THE VERDICTS: LA Noire is one of the most gripping and fun game when it's good. However, when it's bad, it's boring and lazy. Overall, it's THEATER-WORTHY. Back to the Future: The Game captures the spirit of the movies very well, but faulters when it comes to gameplay. Overall, it's Recommended (Just Not At Full Price).


  1. Okay, you should make a whole new system for games, seeing that hearing a game is "theater worthy" is a little weird. I have a good system, which is universally conertable in any form. Also, you said you would review books, but there is a strange absenseof 'em. Now, granted, I said I would review comics, but it wouldn't do justice if I didn't recapp them in a form of the video, but you still should review a book sometime-even if you already read it. Also, I think you should re-do and post your Odd Girl Out Review here. Unless you want to make a video (which would cover it better), to expose that litle abomination.

    As for Rockstar, they have to one of my facorite small-market compnies, and I say small because they are small compared to titans like Microsoft and Nintendo, or even Square Enix. They make so many good games, and I respect that. My 1st would've been Camelot, but I just learned they are a subdivision of Nintendo. They're the ones responsiblr for the Golden Sun

  2. I hate to say you're right, so... I won't. But, I will say this, over the next week I will review a book, a trilogy of movies, and plan to *wierdshudderingnoise* rewatch Odd Girl Out for a review.