Friday, August 26, 2011

Mini-Reviews From the Archives

    Okay, so I know I haven't been very good about posting lately, but we've been redoing our house so our computer has been boxed away for a while. I've been making due on library computers, like this. Now, next week I will hopefully have my computer back and will hopefully start posting again. However, school is also starting soon and that might put a dent in what I can post when.
    And since I don't have much time to do anything today, I figured I would feature with you so reviews I posted on my Facebook page that haven't been on this blog yet, starting with...

All Girls Are Evil: Odd Girl Out Review:
    WOW! I mean WOW! This is bad. REALLY BAD. This film made me physicaly ill. Now, don't get me wrong. I truely appreciate the message this film is saying. But, from a filmmaking standpoint, it's just terrible. The main character tries to be a female role model, but instead comes off as a bloody idiot. After she attempts to kill herself over her former best friend bullying her, SHE DECIDES TO BECOME FRIENDS WITH HER AGAIN. The film is very poorly edited, dropping and introducing stories at the drop of a hat. Part way through the movie, the main character's mother finds mean messages from the bullies. The bullies are brought in to see the principle where she gives the bullies a decison: either fess up to the messages and get a weeks suspension (So a girl tries to kill herself because of them and all the get is susspended?) or get expelled. What happens? I don't know. The bullies are at graduation with no explanation of what optition the chose. The film is so heavy-handed and so mean-spirited it's unpleasant to sit through. Also many people told be that the almost pitch-black lighting of the school is to show the dark atmosphere, but honestly it just looks like the budget was so low the couldn't pay for lighting. Overall, Odd Girl Out is heavy-handed, mean-spirited, poorly edited and unpleasant. Even a good message can't save this flop. 1.5 Out of 6.

Runaway Train of Boredom: Unstoppable Review:
   I know I may be going against the grain on this one, but I for one found Unstoppable to be a cliched, boring film. Unstoppable never seems to get going. I was waiting for the action to ramp up but it never did. There is no tension in this film, because the cliched script is so predictable. The film has so many false endings that it gets to be annoying after the tenth time. The only thing that saves Unstoppable from being a total failure is the fine performances of the cast. Overall, Unstoppable just never starts.  3.5 out of 6.

This Is One Wierd Episode of Glee: I Am Number Four Review:
     I Am Number Four is an entertaining, yet flawed, movie. It stars Alex Pettyfer as Number Four, AKA John Smith as he tries to take down the evil Mogadorians. Overall the plot is nothing special, but competent enough to keep the film together and make you intested in the characters. However, like any other generic action movie, an modest moviegoer can guess what going to happen before it does. Pettyfer sometimes can't handle the lead role by not given the more emotional part enough emotion, but he is a competent lead. Dianna Agron play Sarah, Pettyfer's love interset. She holds her own, however she fail to make the character memorable. (Although that might be the writer's fault.) Teresa Palmer play fellow alien Number Six and does alot better with her role than Agron. Kevin Durand play the film's villain, Commander. He does fine, though sometimes he gets hilariously over the top. But, by far the best actor is Timothy Olyphant as John's mentor and protecter Henri. He's the most entertaining and intesting character thank in no small part to Olyphant performance. However the best part of I Am Number Four is definately the action. While at times it can be tough to see, it is extremely entertaining. The end is easily the best part thanks to this, though it not without it's share of problems. (Like a villain being defeated because he slips in a puddle.) The worst part is that the film , much like the new Harry Potter movie, sets up a sequel that sounds way more interseting than the film we just watched. So, overall, I Am Number Four is an entertaininh movie, but scattered performances, dull moments, weak plotting and stupid moments wiegh down water could have been a fantastic film. 4.5 out of 6.

Spitting Bullets and Drinking Cactus Juice: Rango Review:
    Rango follows a story that we've all heard at one point or another. Hero lies about who he is to become popular. Hero gets a big head. Hero is found out to be a fraud and leaves. Hero then returns to save the day after a moment of reflection. And yet, Rango is a highly enjoyable movie elevated by a great script and a great cast. Johnny Depp is very good as the immensely likeable Rango. Isla Fisher is good as Rango love interest, Bean. And everyone else is usually entertaining. The humor and story could have been dumbed down for kids but it's not. In fact, if anything, Rango is not a movie for kids. People die at the drop of a hat and the language may be too much for 7 or 8 year olds. Another good thing worth noting is a wonderful cameo moment that ranks up there with Zombieland's awesome cameo. Overall, Rango may not be for kids, but for everyone else, it's one fun and exciting ride, however on is left with a sour taste in their mouth after watching this film. 3 out of 6.

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