Sunday, February 5, 2012

2011- 2012 TV Season Review: Week 18

Once Upon a Time- "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"- 5 out of 6
Alcatraz- "Cal Sweeney"- 5 out of 6
Glee- "Michael"- 4 out of 6
New Girl- "Jess and Julia"- 5 out of 6
Raising Hope- "Gambling Again"- 5 out of 6
White Collar- "Neighborhood Watch"- 4 out of 6
Royal Pains- "My Back to the Future"- 4 out of 6
The Big Bang Theory- "The Friendship Contraction"- 5 out of 6
The Finder- "Swing and a Miss"- 5 out of 6
The Mentalist- "Red is the New Black"- 5 out of 6
Grimm- "Organ Grinder"- 6 out of 6
Supernatural- "The Slice Girls"- 6 out of 6

TV News:
- You know what's awesome? Supernatural is now on Netflix.

- You know what else is awesome? Super Bowl tonight. Go Pats!

- Eric Kripke,  Supernatural creator, has got a cool new show, Revolution, coming. In a world without technology, will we survive? Ya, probably.

See you later

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