Monday, February 20, 2012

I Am Legend For a Second Time

    Back in 2007, I Am Legend, a film starring Will Smith following him as he tried to find a cure for a virus that had wiped  out most of the human race. The film did very well at the box office, grossing over 500 Million dollars and becoming the 7th high-grossing film of 2007. At the time however, much was made of the film's ending, which I will not spoil, but long story short, had to be changed after test audiences didn't like how thought-provokingly awesome the original ending was. However, now after 5 years, it seems like a new installment is on the way.

    While not much is know about the film, it is rumored that the studio is interested in Will Smith returning, which probably means this will be a prequel to the original, for rather obvious reason to those who have seen the first one. I honestly don't see a need for another movie, prequel or sequel. The first one pretty much wrapped it up, not that I was really a fan of I Am Legend. If the next one does get made, it will probably see release either in 2014 or 2015.

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