Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Die Hard With a Vengeance"

It's Die Hard in a city!

      This time around we see the brother of Hans Gruber (I don't know
what's with this series and siblings) manages to almost rob America of
all of its gold.
      Well, he almost did, that is, until he got Bruce Willis involved.
Taking revenge for his brother's death (whom he didn't even like), our
blond headed weirdo sends specifically Willis on near suicide missions
that not only put Willis into harm's way, but also throw off the
American authorities while they rob the federal reserves.
      On his way, Willis runs into and partners up with a respectable Jedi
Knight, I mean Harlem shop-owner (Yes, he was Mace Windu in Star Wars,
OK!). The terrorists this time have these liquid explosives instead of
C4, and like the first movie have a plan to make it seem like all of
the wealth had been destroyed.
      And... woop-dee doo, Willis busts him (barely!).

Um, what?
      The story is cleverly written, as is the action. The acting is great,
though the villains never quite leave as much of a lasting impression
on you as Hans Gruber's men. The acting does not really live up to the
brother's example, however, the heist far outmatches the first two.
      The stunts are bigger and the heist bolder. The acting may not live up
to its predecessors, but in no way, shape or form does it take away
from the movie. Overall, this movie may have a larger, more
well-developed story than the previous films, the acting merely does
not match them.
      Die Hard With a Vengeance may not be as good as its predecessors, but it's sure as
hell worth a watch.

Die Hard With a Vengeance gets 4 and a half stars out of 6

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