Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" Review

Another mission.
Another review.

    This movie's villain is a man named Cobalt, a British Professor who's
IQ is so high, it actually turned him bonkers (he's obsessed with
detonating nuclear weapons). When a mission fails in Russia resulting
in Nuclear Codes landing in the hands of a blond assassin who works
for diamonds (I, personally, take Master Card), and the death of a field
Agent, Ethan Hunt is extracted from a Moscow jail to help.
    He meets up with Agent Carter and Benji (the hilarious English tech
nerd from MI3). Their mission is to go to the Kremlin and to basically
prevent the mission from failing. However, Cobalt sabotages their
mission by alerting the Russian Secret Police of their locations and
afterwards blowing up part of the Kremlin. This somehow sparks
tensions between the US and Russia (although really with the evidence
given, it could've been any country). This causes the Secretary of the
IMF and Agent Brant, an analyst to extract Ethan's team, for the
President has initiated "Ghost Protocol", which basically just disbands
the Agency. However, before Ethan can go rogue, the car they are in is
blown into the water (the leading cause of death in Moscow!) and they
are shot at. The Secretary (who I guess has replaced Brassel from
MI3?) is killed, but Brant and Ethan escape. Now they must track down
Cobalt and the codes, and make sure the two don't meet.
    As to be expected from a modern Mission Impossible movie, they go to
crazy extremes (including Ethan swinging on a rope hung from floor 130
of the Burj Khalifa!) to get the codes. In the process, the blond
assassin is killed, but Cobalt manages to elude Ethan in a sandstorm
with the codes in hand.

The Hangover: Part III is just nuts.
   Cobalt then needs to make contact with a satellite in India. Along the
way, Brant admits why he is only an analyst when he has top-notch
training is because he was responsible for Ethan's wife's protection,
who Ethan thinks left him, but actually was murdered. Meanwhile Cobalt
manages to get the codes through, and a missile is launched.
Frantically, they confront Cobalt, who has destroyed and turned off
the power to the place he submitted the codes. Benji must repair this
while Ethan and Carter track down his baddies.
    Ethan, Benji, and Carter barely save the day. And look! The cute
little Russian Secret Police manage to show up just a second too
late.... and then those smart Russians realize that Ethan Hunt
actually.... was on their side! Wow! Clearly those Russians have got
us in the spy category! You can't beat them!
    Everything is happy, and even our favorite black techie from the other
three movies (the only character other than Ethan to appear in all MI
movies) makes a quick cameo. Ethan even reveals his wife is in fact
still alive! Hallelujah! Apparently, he faked her death to keep her
safe. She then "disappeared", and was not seen with Ethan since, for
learning their lesson from MI3, Ethan realized she would never be safe
as long as they where together.

This just does not need a caption.
    Visually stunning, well-acted, well-written, captivating, and funny,
Ghost Protocol is the best Mission Impossible movie ever made, and is
certainly one of the best spy movies ever made. Though James Bond
certainly has Ethan Hunt cornered with Casino Royale, Skyfall, and
all those other classics, Ethan Hunt sure puts up a fight. With its
new tech (They use iPads and Smartphones with Spy Apps on them! And
contact lenses that have screens on them! And the windshield of a car
is now a computer! So... much.... geeky... goodness!), to its exotic
locations, crazy stunts, well-forged story, and crazy fight scenes,
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a spy movie everyone can watch.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol gets 6 stars out of 6.

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