Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Mission Impossible III" Review

The Undefined Gamer didn't accept this mission.
He's dead now.
    Mission Impossible 1 and 2 were good. The first one being what
people most remember from the series, both movies were written really
well, and there's great acting on all sides. MI3 is no different.
Ethan Hunt still works after a third movie. The plot twists, however,
are dwindling, and seldom explained very well. Well, it is an action
    Except that's what I mostly take away from Mission Impossible. One and
two where very smart action movies, not only because the action was
smart, but because everything was explained. Like Inception, plot
twists occurred every two minutes and the pacing was good so it had
your brain reeling as to what will happen next. The third one lacks
such solid plot and pacing that it's predecessor's have. Not that that
makes it a bad movie. Just the plot isn't as good as the other two.
    Not that it's a bad plot. Ethan Hunt gets married to a woman who
doesn't know he's a spy. Meanwhile the IMF led by Director Brassel
calls Ethan in to catch Damian Owens, a ruthless criminal who intends
to sell a superweapon known as the "rabbit's foot".
Ethan Hunt brings girls on the best dates.
    Ethan is called to get an Agent Ferris, whom he had trained, out of a
sticky situation. Owens ends up killing her, but Ethan is able to get
a laptop saying Damian will be at the Vatican, where he apprehends him.
Owens threatens to kill Hunt's wife, and there seems to be some
deceptions,(or is there?), with Brassel. Anyways, somehow Damian gets
help that breaks him out of the prison van. They capture Hunt's wife,
so naturally, Tom Cruise has to kick ass and save the day.
    I know, the story does seem very emotional, with his wife almost
getting killed and all. But it lacks the plot twists from the first
movie that left me exasperated trying to guess what's going to come
next. The whole romance part, well, I'm not buying it. In theory the
second one worked better as a romance, but hey? It's a smart action
movie series. That stuff is just bonus, not the main thing. It can
Simon Pegg!
    This is a good movie. However unlike many reviews say, this is not the
best MI movie out there. That'd be the first. Also as this was made in
2006, all of the technological spy stuff is pretty much, well, not
advanced now (the laptops need to be updated). It's not the best MI,
it lacks the script of the first, but the action and acting still make
this a very compelling movie. And as for the villain, Damian Owens is
a true grade-A a-hole anyone'll hate. He really pulls it off. Best
villain in the series.
Mission Impossible III gets 5 stars out of 6.

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