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Post 300: The Undefined Gamer: "Wrath of the Titans"

Mitch gets the 300th post?
Is the sky falling?

      In the first five minutes, we hear that Perseus's wife died between
movies. And he has a kid! Bummer.
      Meanwhile, Hades is organizing another overthrow of Zeus, this time
including Poseidon and Ares, to drain him of his godly power and put
it into... Kronos! Wait, what?
      Monsters attack Perseus's fishing village and he soon finds himself in
the run to reach Queen Andromeda, who would become Perseus's new love
interest. They get organized when Perseus encounters Poseidon, who is
dying (gods can die!) and tells him of Hades plan, giving him his
trident before crumbling away. To stop Hades's dastardly deeds, and
eventually Kronos, Perseus requires the three items Hephaestus crafted
for Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon (or the big three in Percy Jackson). He
already has the trident.
      To ask Hephaestus how to get into Tartarus, where Hades and Ares, who
have the helm and Bolt, they need to free a son of Poseidon
imprisoned by Andromeda, nicknamed the Navigator. They free him, go
to Hephaestus's island, run into his cyclops, and head for Tartarus.
Meanwhile, Zeus doesn't have much time.

Taken 3: To Hell and Back
      At the entrance however, Ares fights them, killing Hephaestus and
leaving the Navigator in charge of a map he barely can read, that
shows the only safe way through Tartarus. They do get through it,
going through the Minotaur's Maze, as they face Ares and Hades. They
beat them, freeing Zeus and getting the helm, and Zeus transports them
to the surface.
      However, it is already too late, as Zeus is dying, drained of his
godly powers, Kronos is free and making his way to the surface, and
Ares has the bolt.
      Perseus has no choice but to pray to Ares so he can transport to the
surface and best him in battle before Kronos kills everybody. Although
not very easy, Queen Andromeda's forces hold Kronos off long enough
for Perseus to get the bolt and combine all three weapons so he can
kill Kronos.
      During the battle, Hades sacrifices his immortality to save Zeus, who
understands why Hades hates him, and finally made amends a little too
late. It ends up Zeus gets mortally wounded, so he can die just in
time for the ending! As for Hades, well he is mortal, leaving no more
gods left on Earth (even though they did mention Athena, and she did
not take part in this battle at all).

     Outdoing its predecessor, Wrath goes all out on the action and special
effects, less on the story, as you can tell. But hey, what did you
expect? This is the only kind of movie Sam Worthington really can do.
The story isn't really lacking all that much. It's more of the
concepts is all. The acting is fine, as is the soundtrack. This is a
perfectly legitimate way to burn two hours of your day. Rent it if you
see it.

Wrath of the Titans gets 4 stars out of 6.

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