Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Inheritance" Book Review

I wiash my inheritance
was a dragon...
      The Inheritance Cycle gets a bad rap because book one, Eragon, failed
as a movie. Well, that's what happens when you tamper with the story.
I mean look at all the sucess stories when people do that: Inkheart,
The Golden Compass, heck even The Last Airbender. However, in these
cases, the original story still holds true.
      Book one of Eragon was ok. It was Christopher Paolini's first book,
and it shows. Over Eldest, book 2, and Brisingr, Book 3, Paolini had
mastered the page turner, creating a vastly interesting fantasy world
and crafting masterfully entertaining storylines. Book four is no
      These kind of books are made for entertainment, not meaning. Paolini
is great at doing this. Brisingr still is one of the most entertaining
and interesting books I've read. Inheritance keeps the pace.
      Originally, Inheritance, book four of the Inheritance Cycle,
originally was never planned to exist. It was supposed to be a
trilogy. However, Brisingr started to get quite lengthy, so to avoid
rushing the story, Paolini cecided another book was needed. Knopf was
proud to oblige.
      Inheritance follows Eragon Shadeslayer, Arya Drottningu, Roran
Stronghammer, and Nasuada as the Varden are now only a couple cities
away from capturing Urû'baen, and King Galbatorix, whose century long
rule of the land has led to much suffering, including the death of
Roran's father, and Eragon's uncle, Garrow.
      Like the previous books, there are really only a couple of battles,
including the siege of Belatona, where Eragon gains the Dauthdaert, an
enchanted spear that can slice through any wards, the battle of
Aroughs, where Roran breaches the city by breaking their canal system,
Dras-Leona, where Eragon confronts his half brother, Murtagh, who is
also a rider, but bound to Galbatorix, while Eragon takes revenge on
the savage priests of Helgrind, and of course, the Battle of Urû'baen.
      Filled with plenty of unique battles, Inheritance proves that the
series has grown much since Eragon. Paolini goes all out on the gore,
magics, and glory of war. He gives it his all, planning out a war even
Aragorn would be impressed with.
      So much happens in these 800 pages that I could spend hours just
summarizing it all. And sorry, no spoilers. (Uhhhh... -CW)
      The book is entertaining, with not much under the hood, but that in no
way takes away from the enjoyability of it. The only thing I disliked
was the ending, but then again it was supposed to be like that. I'm
not giving any spoilers, but let's say Eragon has to make a tough
decision in which he cannot undo, that will change Alagäesia forever.
And yes, it involves dragons and love.
      In all, it's just an entertaining book that serves as a closer to an
enchanting series. Paolini has crafted us an intensely interesting
world, and ge intends to show us its best parts. Hey, magic, dragons,
drama? What more could you want?

Inheritance gets 4.5 stars out of 6

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