Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: Mario Kart 7 vs Mario Kart Wii

The Undefined Gamer looks at video games?
What sorcery is this?

      Finally! A gaming-related post!
      Recently I've been playing a lot of Mario Kart. Playing it, I realized
a whole lot of you might be wondering what version to buy. Let me break
it down for you:

Best Graphics:

Tied. Though I admit the Mario Kart Experience does feel better on the
big screen.


Mario Kart Wii. The scores in 7 are ok, they're not bad, but just like
Pokemon Black/White version music, the songs just don't seem to fit
the tracks. MK Wii never has those moments.

Best Controls:
7 wins, despite the Wii version's popularity. Mario Kart Wii's
controls (specifically turning), while feeling more natural, they just
aren't as smooth as 7's. That and the Manual/Automatic controls can be

Mario's like a mailman. Ain't no rain stoppin' him.

Best Tracks:
7 tries. It really does. You can go underwater and in the sky.
However, they still are dwarfed by MK Wii's excellent selection of
tracks. 7 even features many of the Wii exclusive tracks, only
"improved" (many times involving taking components away and adding
none). I enjoy Mario Kart 7's tracks. They're just not as good as the
Wii's. And hey, Rainbow Road with Super Mario Galaxy music is just

Best Selection of Characters:
This is close, but 7 gets this. It has nearly all of MK Wii's, plus a
few others.

Best Multiplayer:
Mario Kart Wii, no doubt. The fact that 7 doesn't let player 2 choose
their player and decides to make them listen to the same old track
instead of giving them access to the regular music is a crime, despite
7's improved Wi-Fi system.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?
This is how you make flying cars!

Best Vehicles:
This may be the deciding factor. The Wii version wins. By excluding
bikes, effectively cutting the number of available vehicles in half, 7
falls. Even the designs for the karts in the Wii version far outmatch

Best Game:
Mario Kart Wii. Shocker there, but once again the home console
outweighs the handheld. Get this for Wii U. Or at least keep your Wii
wheels until Mario Kart U comes out (or Mario Kart 8). 7 holds a
strong 2nd though, but still, get Mario Kart Wii first if you're
looking for some karting action.

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