Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gamer V. Cinema: Justice League in Trouble

Question: Should Warner Bros. include proven actors in Justice League?

The Undefined Gamer:

      I think its safe to say that Man of Steel will do fairly well in the
box office. I don't expect Avatar-figures, but I think it'll do well
enough to launch other shared universe movies, like they planned to,
culminating in The Justice League.
      From what I've heard, Cavill seems to be a very adequate Superman.
That's good, as DC plans to have him be the team leader. What of
everyone else, though?
      There's lots of variables here. Finding reliable actors for Hawkman,
Wonder Woman, the Flash, and many others will not be easy. You'd think
they'd cling to their proven actors.
      Warner has said that it intends to include Batman in the Justice
League. Christian Bale, who has proved himself worthy over 3 movies,
seems unlikely to be included. Though Bale could do remarkably well in
a Justice League movie, I guess Warner just likes variables.
      Finding a replacement for Bale on itself is an enormous task! When you
have a good 4-8 other classic heroes that need to find, adding
variables onto this movie is the last thing you want to do!
      The only other guarantee would be Stephen Amell's Arrow. Now I say
guarantee in the sense that if he's included in TJL, he'd do well, I'm
not certain if Warner will be able to add him into the movie. Knowing
Warner's trend, they'd probably just say, "Fuck it!" and decide to
find another actor to play Green Arrow.
      Bale's Batman, Cavill's Superman, and Amell's Arrow are pretty much
the only castings that are pretty much foolproof for the JustIce
      Honestly, I don't see why'd Warner want to get rid of Bale. They
already would have to adapt The Flash, Hawkman, and whoever else they
want to film, franchises that have never seen the light of day on TV
outside of the animated realm. Then there's modernizing Wonder Woman.
Not to mention that they'd have to somehow clean up Ryan Reynold's
mess that he made of Green Lantern (eh, hopefully he can make a
comeback like the Hulk).
      It's sad. The Justice League has so much potential. In fact, I'd even
say that it has more potential than the Avengers ever did. The
difference between these two franchises: Marvel got their crap
straight, while DC is still shooting themselves in the knee.
      Besides, its not like DC already perfectly adapted the Justice League
for television. It's not like Warner can learn anything from Justice
League: Unlimited or Young Justice.

Cinema Won:

      There certainly are points to including Bale and Amell into the Justice
League movie. After all, they have proven themselves and it would be easy
for Warner Bros. Throw in Reynolds's Green Lantern and Cavill's Superman
and there are four characters all set up and ready to go. There's just one problem.
      None of those shows and films would work together. Like, at all. And frankly, 
it would be downright idiotic for Warner Bros. to attempt to bring Christopher Nolan's
Batman universe into a shard universe.
      Here's the problem. Superman and much of the other DC characters a usually fairly
unserious characters. Batman was taken down the serious path, which he fits well into.
My, and many other people's, biggest problem with Man of Steel was how serious it was.
Superman needs a sense of humor and light-heartedness. Green Lantern needs that. 
Green Arrow needs that. Wonder Woman needs that. And now, Batman needs that too.
      The deal is, for Justice League to be a success, especially after The Avengers, it
needs to be more fun. Nolan's Batman was centered in a universe where everything was
overly explain, super-"realistic" and pitch-black serious. And that's find for Batman.
But the Justice League needs humor, silly gadgets, crazy space villains. He needs to be 
more comic-booky.
      That's why Bale and Amell shouldn't be brought back. They work in universe where the 
characters are overly serious, something Warner Bros. hopefully doesn't want to pursue with
Justice League. While Man of Steel was too serious, it could be made into more fun. And that's
why, oddly enough, Green Lantern might even get worked in. Say what you will about it, but it was
Warner Bros. most comic-book-like film since Superman Returns. 
      So that's why new actors are needed. Unfortunately for Bale, he isn't tied to the Batman character. 
After all, he was always the routinely the most unmemorable part of the Batman films. Honestly, the
Nolan film deserved to be dropped and Arrow obviously won't come into play, being a TV show and
all. And it's probably with good reason. We don't need Bale. We just need Batman. and preferably
a more light-hearted one. Also, the Flash actually did have a TV show. 

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