Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Back to the Stone Age"

All's good so far.

      Above is the second full trailer for this year new American Godzilla movie. And it looks pretty damn good. Overall, I really like Bryan Cranston's narration at the beginning, though I do have to wonder how exactly the government is keeping freaking Godzilla hidden, but the trailer is still really solid. The action looks great, what we see of the new Godzilla design is good. Director Gareth Edwards is at least providing a very nice looking movie already.
      I will say though, I'm not sure I like that Godzilla wasn't created by Japan's nuclear tests, or at least it seems. It's a small detail, but I still like the original better. But, again, it's cool that this seems like it's a direct sequel to the original. Hopefully it stick more with how the Japanese films do things and doesn't over complicate the film. If you look closely, you can pretty clearly see that it looks like there are more than one monster coming into the fight, which would be completely amazing.
      So far, this movie still is the reigning "Please, please don't suck" champ of the upcoming summer.

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