Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: Disney and Star Wars

Both good and bad.

      After Disney acquired Lucasfilm and effectively canceled the
Cartoon Network Clone Wars series*, I was incredibly nervous. Disney
proved with Tron: Uprising and all of the Marvel Cartoons** produced by
their Man of Action studio that they can't make cartoons that are
Clone Wars caliber.
     Thankfully, it seems that like their management of Marvel's Film
studio, Disney is taking a hands-off approach on Lucasfilm's animation
studios. Disney has announced that a brand-new CGI series dubbed "Star
Wars: Rebels," will premiere on Disney Channel and later appear of
Disney XD. Most of the people working on it are Clone Wars veterans.
Taking place between episodes III and IV, this 2014-fated series tells
the story of how the Empire tightened its grip on the galaxy, killing
off the last of the Jedi and killing all who oppose them. This is a
much darker period in the SW universe, and promises to sneak all the
PG-13 things that made the Clone Wars great right after Ultimate
    Honestly, who can blame them? Everything Star Wars Animated-wise
has been successful. Heck, even the animated bits of the ill-fated
Star Wars Christmas special where liked, for no other reason than it
was Boba Fett's first appearance.
     Other news since the Disney buyout center mainly around the
long-shelved live-action Star Wars series that George Lucas started
writing around 2006. There is a big chance that Disney may greenlight
it. This series would follow the Star Trek format, composed of one
hour episodes. It's guaranteed that a live action series in a galaxy
far far away will do well, in fact the only reason why it was shelved
was because of the overwhelming cost such a series would entail.
    My third concern was Lucasart's position in this buyout. A smart
owner of this developer with an amazing track record would continue to
allow this company to do what their doing, and reem*** a percentile from
their prophets.
    Disney instead decides to take their newly-bought lightsabers and
cut up this company for all to see.
    The first thing Disney did, was lay off most of Lucasarts's staff.
Then, they took their newly-acquired license to the Star Wars games,
and sold part of it to EA.
     As I am "The Undefined GAMER," I think its that time if the month
again for me to go on a gaming-related rant.
     EA is to develop the hardcore SW games, while Disney Interactive
Studios will develop the casual Star Wars games.
    Sorry for my language, but that really f*cking angers me.
Lucasarts in no way deserves this corporate gutting. It has had a
great track record, producing classics like the PC TIE fighter pilot
simulator game, to modern day favorites like the Battlefield series
and The Old Republic, in addition to their successful collaboration
with Traveler's Tales that lead to a long line of Lego-Spoof console
games. EA is a poor successor at best. While the company holds some
greats like Spore, it handles licensed games poorly (cough cough MLB
All Stars 2K whatever). It's like if I went over and bought Valve,
fired half the staff, and sold the rights to Team Fortress 3 (which is
loved just as much or even more**** so than The Old Republic) to
Activision. Sure, Activision may get lucky and produce a TF3 just as
good or better than Valve would've made, but Activision's splotchy
record leaves lots of room for failure.
   Secondly, casual Star Wars games are a sin. Kinect Star Wars proves
that. Disney Interactive, is the god of terrible movie licensed games.
Disney Interactive's unsaid motto towards movie games is "the faster
and shittier, the better!" The only playable games that I have played
or heard of is their Spectrobes series and Epic Mickey, and even those
games aren't exactly great.
   Casual Star Wars Games Terrible Track Record + Disney Interactive's
Terrible Movie Licence Games' pattern= ?
    What I would like to know is what the [censored] who made this all
happen thought that this equation could possibly equal. Allowing an
incompetent company exclusively make a kind of game that a competent
company failed repeatedly to pull off is a disastrous situation. Its
like sprinkling gunpowder on nitroglycerin.
    Well, lets just cross our fingers and hope that EA picks up where
Lucasarts left off, and as for anything Disney Interactive makes SW
related, shun. Knowing them, we're about to get a Kinect Star Warslike
game for the Wii U.
    Well, at least we still have TV...

Cinema Won Additions:
*Returning to Netflix with the final season
**I like Ultimate Spider-Man!
***No idea...
****Much, MUCH moreso.

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