Monday, February 24, 2014

The Undefined Gamer: Batman vs Superman vs DC

Little late, my fault.

      Not too long ago, it was announced that Wonder Woman would not only
appear in Batman vs. Superman, but an actor was named to play her.
      Hold on DC. Your movie has enough problems as it is. Why don't we list
them? Hell, Cinema Won may even jump in and make this a Cinema v.
Gamer at some point if you're lucky. Well, here are my points:

1. Man of Steel was awful. Henry Cavill's Superman was just plain
boring. Though visually stunning, the writing was crap. Snyder just
doesn't seem capable of developing characters logically anymore, with
most of the secondary characters either contradicting themselves (Pa
Kent) or changing for the worse halfway through (Lois Lane). To make
matters worse, our two leads are just boring. Neither General Zod or
Superman are properly introduced or developed, causing me to frankly
not give a shit about either of them.
      I think that a serious Superman could've worked, but before that can
happen, Snyder, we need to first care about this character. Make him
likable first. Make us fall in love with him. Then neuter him. Only
then will we cry.
      This is very bad news.
      Man of Steel is your base, Synder. You're building the Justice League
on unstable ground. Your first task is to fix everything wrong with
your Superman character.

2. Rebooting Batman was a stupid idea. Not only is Snyder going to
have to fix Superman, but he's also going to have to reinvent Batman
again. Ben Affleck, while a great actor, really needs his own movie to
find make this character his own. Most likely Synder, that piece of
shit, will make Batman's origin story a direct result of Superman's
actions (Oh no, a piece of rubble crushed mom and dad or THEIR
      The best possible outcome is that Snyder will skip over Batman's
origin story and he will simply appear.
      So Snyder's trying to build a new Batman on quicksand. Dude, one thing
at a time!

3. Wonder Woman. That's it. Fire Snyder.
      He can't do this.
      Wonder Woman must be a strong, female character. While Gal Gadot is
perfectly capable of portraying this character (having acted in
several movies before and, well, being in the freaking army) given a
good script and good director, sadly Batman vs. Superman has neither
of those.
      The best possibility is that Gal Gadot plays a Wonder Black Widow.
      So Snyder, you not only plan on fixing Man of Steel, but also plan to
reboot two franchises IN THE SAME MOVIE.

4. Snyder can't do this. Even a GOOD director such as Steven
Spieldberg and Joss Whedon would have great troubles accomplishing
this. Zach Snyder is a mediocre director.

5. None of DC's good movies are cannon. Though these include only
Batman films (and Superman and Superman Returns), it is notable that
the only movies Snyder wants to canonize (such as Green Lantern)
suck. There is literally nothing good about this new universe.

6. This movie hangs largely on unknowns. Nobody here has yet proven
that they can play these roles. Ryan Reynolds failed miserably in
Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds in general should not play superheroes),
and Henry Cavill at his best showed potential in the role. Too bad
Zach Snyder didn't let him actually act.
      Everyone else will be here for the first time. The Avengers had two
unknowns (Hulk and Hawkeye), and those roles worked mainly because
they were filled by extremely competent actors.
      Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot, while good actors, are not exactly what I
call "great" actors. They have a chance, but need guidance from strong
directing, which this movie lacks.
      Other roles such as Commissioner Gordon and whoever else Snyder decides
to throw in also require strong acting, and knowing Snyder, they will
be reduced to either one-dimensional characters, or contradictory Pa
      Hopefully Snyder will have Affleck co-direct or something, because
honestly I think he's more qualified than Snyder is to handle this
      Basically my points can be summed up with: Batman vs. Superman is
trying to do too much, Snyder is extremely incompetent, and the actors
and script requires extremely strong direction to work.
      Again, if Affleck and perhaps a Spielberg where helping Snyder out,
maybe this movie could work. Affleck could write the script,
Spielberg could direct, and Snyder could be in charge of the pretty
special effects. However, that ain't gonna happen. DC put their faith
into the wrong guy, and unfortunately, unlike The Hangover series, you
won't be able to trick fans twice that this will be a good movie.
      Honestly, I don't even think Snyder could make a good Superman movie
by itself. He already failed once. Batman vs. Superman is just too
much for him.
      Maybe he's hoping that if he gets some of these characters right,
we'll just ignore the ones he's screwed up?
      One thing is certain; not even a miracle could save Snyder's film. The
only thing that can save him is either change in direction, or a much
simplified film.

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