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Cinema Won's 2012 Summer Movie Preview Part 1: May

    It's that time of year. In just two short weeks, studios release their biggest and "best" movies ad the summer movie season begins. In the next four parts, I'll take a look at the movies coming out this season, starting with the big one. The granddaddy. The Avengers! Note: All box-office prediction are US only.

May 4:
The Avengers- This is the one everyone is talking about (Other than that other superhero movie that comes out in July not titled The Amazing Spider-Man). The build-up of 5 different movies over the past four year with interlocking continuity and shared characters in one hopefully epic alien invasion war lead by a Norse god and directed by Joss Whedon. What's not to love? While the first few reviews have been coming out and they have been very positive, the stakes for this movie too be good are very daunting and hopefully the end product will deliver.

Box Office Prediction: Film will take Number One opening weekend and will fend off Dark Shadows second week. Will beat Battleship in third week also and will be beaten by Men in Black III. Total take will be big, probably around 500 million.

May 11:
Dark Shadows- I talked about the trailer for this movie not too long ago and I'm sticking to what I said in that post. While I'm not the biggest Tim Burton fan, I liked the trailer and I am looking forward to this adaptation of the old TV series. My favorite Burton movies have always been his comedies and this seems to be in line with those other films. However, it seems like it could get to be a little goofy and hopefully it's more like Beetlejuice than Alice in Wonderland.

Box Office Prediction: Nowhere nears as good as Alice in Wonderland. Fans of the show will still go see it, even if they are turned off by more humorous mood. Takes second in opening week behind The Avengers and grosses about 80 million total.

May 16:
The Dictator- Most of you probably know more about the Oscar incident where Sasha Baron Cohen spilled ashes on Ryan Seacrest then you do about the actual movie. Unlike in the past, this is a fully scripted movie written by Cohen about a foreign dictator. I like Cohen though never really any of his own movies. The trailer didn't impress me and I'll probably pas on this one.

Box Office Prediction: Opening on a Wednesday, it does well, but struggles against it's big competition. Opens at Number Four, though mostly because other films just did better with around 22 million. Grosses 90 million total.

May 18:
Battleship- Oh boy. Can't wait for this one. And I also can't way for a sequel to Gulliver's Travels. I guess there is hope for a surprise but really. It's based off of a board game. The trailer have all been boring Transformers clones. The cast might be good but come on. The film's biggest twist is that the aliens attack in the ocean. This one's gonna sunk.

Box Office Prediction: Opening at Number Three with about 28 million, audience go to see it mostly out of curiosity, then it rapidly falls from the top five in following weeks. Does not make back it's budget, killing several other board game movies, including )Hopefully) Adam Sandler's Candyland.

What To Expect When You're Expecting- Ah yes. The only think more exciting than movies based on board games are movies based on self-help books. The trailer is mildly funny and the film does have a strong cast, though the leads are probably the weakest part of the cast. Overall, might be a surprise.

Box Office Prediction: Between the good word-of-mouth and the fact that it's the only true female-oriented film this month propels it to Number Two in it's opening weekend, behind The Avengers. It grosses over 150 million and gets a sequel.

May 25:
Men in Black 3- This is a tough one. I personally love the first two movies. Yes, both of them. And I like the premise and new additions for this third film. And while, I have liked the newest trailers, there s just something about them that feel... off. But, you cares, I can't wait to see it and I hope it's good.

Box Office Prediction: It's the movie that finally overtakes The Avengers opening at Number One. Fans are pleased and see it a few more times, allowing it to make about 250-300 million total.

Chernobyl Diaries-  And this is the one no one heard about. I honestly forgot this existed until they played a trailer for it in front of Lockout. It's a "Total Not Found Footage Even Though It Obviously Is" movie where a group of kids go exploring into Chernobyl and find all sorts of Ogglie Booglies. I guess it's sorta by one of the guys who did Paranormal Activity but, is that still a selling point now?

Box Office Prediction: Opens poorly because no ones ever heard of it, it opens at Number Seven and grosses 15 million or less total.

That wraps up May. Stay tuned later in the week for Part 2: June!

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