Monday, April 2, 2012

Recall This Remake

    The original 1990 film Total Recall is for me at least, one of the greatest action films ever and maybe even one of the best period. And while I normally try to judge every movie on it's own and not based off of what it's adapting and I certainly have nothing against doing something different, the trailer for the new remake leaves me unimpressed.

    I wasn't exactly sold on the movie anyway, with the fact that the film doesn't take place on Mars a major problem for me, I still didn't think it was fair to count the movie out until I saw a trailer. Now that I've seen a trailer... yup, count this one out. The whole thing just looks like every "Sci-Fi-But-With-Gritty-Realism" film released in the past few years, particularly 2010's Skyline and last year's In Time. Nothing really cool or even interesting is happening. Look to forget Total Recall when it come out on August 3rd. 

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