Saturday, April 7, 2012

We Need to Talk: Cash In and Fail

    In this new weekly series, I will discuss something that has to do with something going on in the past week or related to the movie I have most recently reviewed. While I will definitely (Hopefully?) get at least one episode out to you a week, there may be more than one depending on what I want to say. For this inaugural episode, in honor of Shark Night failed cash-in on Piranha 3D's success, I'm gonna list some movies that tried so hard to cash-in on the success of of something more popular and failed. Starting with...

5. Body of Lies
What it tried to cash-in on: Ridley Scott. The advertising for this 2008 film made sure you knew it was directed by the Ridley Scott. With Scott at the helm, the terrorism-fighting action film was sure to please critics and audiences alike. Plus, it has mega-star Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio. Instant success!

How much it failed: Moderately. Most critic were lukewarm about the film at best. With a tomatometer score of just 53%, most critics felt that the genericness of the plot relied so heavily on Crowe and DiCaprio that it was just kinda a mess. And people didn't flock to see the film like they thought the would. Under what was expect, it open in 3rd in the US (Behind Beverly Hill Chihuahua no less!) with a measly 12.9 million. It would go on to gross a disappointing 115 million on a 70 million dollar budget. Not terrible, but still. Not good at all.

4. Jennifer's Body
What it tried to cash-in on:  Megan Fox kissing Amanda Seyfried. The highly touted lesbian kiss between the two stars was thought to bring in big numbers with the male crowd. Plus, those advertisers love to remind you that writer Diablo Cody wrote a little film called Juno. 

How much it failed: Decently. Opening at a very disappointing 5th place with just 6.8 million to show, the numbers weren't looking good. In the end, it grossed a total 31.5 million on a 16 million dollar budget. Critic were often split on weather they liked the movie, often citing the obvious trying to be a cult classic as a problem. When asked why they thought they film failed to bring in the big bucks, analysts though that it was due to the fact that no horror-comedies really did all that great at the box-office and do very well on DVD. Then less than a month later horror-comedy Zombieland came out... and became the highest grossing zombie movie ever and one of the year's biggest hit earning almost 3x as much as Jennifer's Body, which also never caught on on DVD either. Ouch.

3. Faster (2010)
What it tried to cash-in on: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Heavily marketed as his "Return to the action movie", this gritty R-rated actioner was thought to be the big hit small-time distributor CBS films badly needed..

How much it failed: Honestly. Do you remember this film existing. Exactly. On the budget of 24 million, it open poorly, grossing just 35 million total, even though it was released during the long Thanksgiving holiday. Critics didn't like the film and the R rating severely cut into it's audience. With weak number and poor review, in was another reason CBS films has yet to really hit big.

2. Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant
What it tried to cash-in on: Teenagers! A pretty successful book series, Cirque du Freak was thought to be the next big hit with teenagers, especially Twilight fans, thanks to it vampire story and hottie leads.

How much it failed: Badly. Critics did not like this one. Audiences forgot it existed. Made on a budget of 40 million, it grossed a (kind funny) 39.1 million total. Ya, let's just say some people didn't get what they said they'd be getting. The planned sequels based off of the other books were scrapped and the the world has forgotten about this little teen film.

1. My Soul to Take
What it tried to cash-in on: Wes Craven. Oh my god did the trailer make sure you knew Wes Craven was directing and he was filming it in not at all overused 3-D. Awesome!

How much it failed: Big time. Critic hated this one, earning just 9% approval on Rotten Tomatoes. The box-office didn't do very good either. Even with the backing and increased prices of the 3-D, the film opened at 5th place and grossing just 2o million total. Oh and the budget was 25 million. It held the titled for lowest grossing 3-D movie every... for about a month then the crappy Gulliver's Travels took it to a whole new level.

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