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Cinema Won's 2012 Summer Movie Preview: Part 2: June

    Continuing our looking into this year's summer movie season, we take a peek at 13 films coming out this June.
June 1:
Snow White and the Huntsman- The second of the two Snow White films releasing this year, the first being last month's Mirror Mirror. Thankfully though, SWATH appears to be way more serious than Mirror Mirror and boast a better cast. Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman, Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and most interesting to see will be Kristen Stewart first post-Twilight role as Snow White herself. The visuals look great and the action does too. My one problem though is that it seems like the plot might not be all the great. Looking forward to it though.

Box Office Prediction: Does well. Opens at Number One, overtaking Men in Black 3, with around 40 million. Grosses a total of 320 million. Gets sequel.

Piranha 3DD- Ugh. Why did this have to be made? The first one sucked. It tried way too hard to be sexy and gory that it was just stupid and annoying. And how do they try to fix stupid and annoying? By bringing in David Hasselhoff of course! Plus, the cop who got eaten in the first one. He's back. With shotgun legs. Haven't seen that one before. Just stay in the water and don't see this movie.

Box Office Prediction: The first one grossed 83 million. This one isn't as lucky. Opens at Number Four with 18 million. Grosses around 50-60 million total.

June 8:
Prometheus- Ridley Scott's big "Totally NOT a Prequel to Alien" film is for me at least a hard one to judge. The trailers all look really cool and do a great job building up the suspense for the film. However, I have never seen an Alien movie outside of the lame Alien Vs Predator. I won't see it when it comes out in theaters, but hopefully by the time it's one DVD I'll have caught up on the series and will check it out.

Box Office Prediction: Does well at first. Opens at Number One and stay in the top five a few weeks before earning 270 million total.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted- Okay. I like the Madagascar series. But the trailers haven't been great and the story isn't very impressive. It seems like this was meant to wrap up the series even though no one really wanted to make it. I hope it's good, but I'm not expecting much.

Box Office Prediction: Slight mistake opening same week as Prometheus. Opens at Number Two with around 35 million. Bored with the series, people don't see it as much as originals. Grosses 280 million total.

June 15:
Rock of Ages- I'm conflicted on this one. On the one hand, I'm a sucker for musicals and almost never not enjoy them. Plus, the first trailer was good and Tom Cruise is still awesome. However, the second trailer was significantly less good than the first. But, I'm looking forward too it and as I said before, I'm a sucker for musicals.

Box Office Prediction: Opens well. It barely beats out Prometheus for the Number One spot with around 30 million. Goes on to gross nearly 250 million total. Gets a sequel.

That's My Boy- Why do we still let Adam Sandler work? Which movie last year showed he's still got it? Just Go With It or  Jack and Jill? In this one, he impregnates his teacher when his just 13, raise the kid horribly and when he goes broke he shows up looking for money.  A real likable guy. Plus, if the trailers are any indication, he's using a horrible gravelly voice for the whole movie. Joy.

Box Office Prediction: Just as bad as the film. Opening at Number Four with around 21 million, it falls out of the top ten quickly, grossing 65 million.

June 22:
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter- Oh man do I want this one to be good. It seems to be going well. A great story with the right tone and cool looking action. But, does this one like it's going to turn out well? Plus, the trailers haven't been great and the whole concept is one that if it's done wrong, it will be really wrong.

Box Office Prediction: If it wasn't for Brave, the curiosity people have would have put this firmly in the Number One slot. Come is Number Two with around 40-50 million. Grosses about 300-350 million total. Gets a sequel.

Brave- Look, it's Pixar. It's probably gonna be good. It's the first female lead character, the setting is cool and the animation is still great. If anything is going to let this movie down, it's it plot, which hasn't really been revealed in it's trailer and what is known does sound like much. But still going to see it opening week.

Box Office Prediction: Biggest movie in June. Opens big with 70-80 million, grosses 400 million total.

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World- Yet another movie people probably haven't heard of. This one follow Steve Carrell and Kiera Knightley as two neighbors who take a road trip together in the few weeks before an asteroid collides with Earth. The premise is very cool and the cast is great. I'm still not quite sure if I buy Carrell and Knightley as a couple, but we'll have to see when it comes out.

Box Office Prediction: This is a smaller release of the summer and so, it probably will open at Number Six with around 15 million. Grosses about 50 million total.

To Rome With Love- This new Woody Allen movie has already been released in Italy and naturally being a Woody Allen movie, the review are pretty good. I was a big fan of his last film, Midnight in Paris so I am really looking forward to this one, though due to it's limited release I may have to wait until DVD to see it.

Box Office Prediction: Midnight in Paris was also Allen's biggest hit yet, so some of that will probably rub off on this one. Due to it's limited release, it will probably open at Number Eight with 8 million. It will gross about 40-50 million total.

June 29:
G.I. Joe: Retaliation- I was NOT a fan of the first film, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, so I was not looking forward to this one at all. Then the first trailer came out. Holy crap. How awesome was that? The sequel seems to be taking itself way more seriously than the first movie, which is exactly what I think the film needed. Plus, with most of the cast re-casted (With better actors), this one looks like a very fun ride.

Box Office Prediction: The first film was a moderate hit, though how the reception of the first one effects this one is still up in the air. Brave probably will take Number One again, with this in Number Two with around 45 million. Grosses about 330 million total.

Madea's Witness Protection- One of these one had to come out this year. Tyler Perry has always been streching it with his Madea movies and now we have one involving a ponzi-scheme linchpin who goes into witness protection and find himself in Madea's home. How "interesting".

Box Office Prediction: It will do well. They always do well. It opens at Number Three with around 30 million. It grosses around 200 million total. Next Madea come out next year.

Magic Mike- Steven Soderbergh is back with his second film this year (His first being January's Haywire). And this one just happens to be about male stripping. Ya, as much as I like Soderbergh, I can't say I am really interested in a male stripping movie. I sure it will be good and i'm sure I'll see it, just not in theaters.

Box Office Prediction: The question on a lot of people's minds is weather or not men will see this movie. I'm sure fans of Soderbergh will see it, but casual filmgoers that arfe male probably won't find themselves in the audience. Opens at Number Five with around 18 million. Grosses 80 million total.

See you in July! (Or in about two days.)

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