Friday, March 29, 2013

The Undefined Gamer: "Gundam 00" Review

I don't understand any of this!

      If you don't know what Gundam is or any of its canon, let's just say
the timeline is... complicated. All you need to know is here, Mobile
Suits are bionic robot suits people put drive (they're like vehicles),
to kill each other with. Mobile Suits are mainstream. What the three
world powers use. Gundams, however, are special mobile suits in the
respect that they are more durable, maneuverable, and they vaguely
resemble samurai warriors (they have visible heads and some similiar
armor). Vaguely. Gundams have a style all their own, which separates
them from other Mecha Animes.
      The year is... in the future. All of Earth's fossil fuels have been
depleted. There is instead a ring of yellow solar panel disks
connected to the earth by three fragile orbital elevator (they go up
to space), bigger than any skyscraper imaginable. Each three world
powers control one elevator. And yes, wars do spring up.
      However, this is where our Gundams come in.
      To prevent war, a long deceased genius put into action years ago for a
select group of gundams to end war with violence (they call them armed
interventions), to keep both sides from fighting. Great idea there. In
fact, even our Gundam pilots admit it's a litle ridiculous.

He's an angel.
      This group, led by two leaders in particular have
drafted some of the world's finest teenagers to carry out this mission
to end war. The main character, Setina, is an orphan from the future
He was required to shoot his parents as a
young boy to partake in a bloody war with a neighboring country. He
even meets the lowlife who told him to do it, an older guy in his 30s
in need of a shave who gets hired by General Skirmoff, the leader of
North America's Alliance, militarily at least.
      The other pilots include a glasses bearing purple haired man who you
can barely tell is a man, an artificially made green haired teen who
is mentally insane, and a cool brown haired teen who favors big guns.
That's all you need to know about their personalities. Why? Because
that's just the begimning of the character list!
      You can sort of call this an ensemble series, as it is composed of
many loosely connected storylines from many characters' point of view,
but hey, they make it work. And I use the term "loosely", errr....
loosely, because although there is very little interaction between
groups of charcters, when there is, it is well-written out and
      The next group of charcters is the troubled Princess of the country
who was respinsible for Setina's war, and her hot advisor. Then
there's the story of a genetically engineered girl with purple hair
who is under Skirmoff's tutelage who shares a special link with our
crazy green haired pilot (he gets crazy if he gets near her. I mean,
more than usual). There are also the best pilot in North America and
his pony-tailed friend who often cross paths with Setina's squad,
often with slightly inferior weaponry. Lastly, there is the story of
two students who often work in the Orbital Elevators who experience
mostly the bad effects of the Gundam's interventions, to show a
citizen's point of view.
That's just not practical.
      Surprisingly, all of the characters work, and work well. The story is
great, with powerful statements about the world today fraught with
emotional, mixed with mind blowing action sequences that led me
chomping each new episode in Season One down. The show is strong, with
horrific acts such as the murder of one's parents, and the blowing up
of a genetically engineered orphanage in space via rockets from a
Giant Robot (it's cooler than it sounds).
      Plus, at times the Gundams actually work together with the military
powers, despite the fact that their goal is to rid the world of war
and hence rid the world of military power. One well-made episode comes
to mind when a gundam pilot help Skirmoff and his purple haired
underling save our citizen friends (amid others) from falling into
Earth's atmosphere and burning up.... (a part of the Orbital Elevators
broke off in their fight, and it plummeted to Earth). Then you have
the finale, which is when it is revealed there is in fact another
Gundam team in existence. You just doubled the awesomeness of this
      In all, Gundam 00 (season 1), is a very complex show that never trips
over its storyline or amount of characters. They all have their place,
have hidden emotional turmoil and heartbreaking backstories (poor
Setina. He could use a hug), while at the same time sneaking in
powerful messages about violence in the world today, while making
intense Robotic fight scenes (a lot of the time in space), that would
put Michael Bay to shame. Plus, each and every Gundam, no each and
every peach of new technology, is just so fun to look at and
well-designed, that you just desperately want to go and visit this
place. I mean, an orbital Elevator, c'mon?
      A very complex show that has a little of everything,
this is easily the best Gundam series I have watched, and one of the
best animes I have seen in awhile. Anybody can get into this (unless
you're sqeamish, or well, a small child. Who is female). I see very
little wrong with this show. I would not change anything. Heck, even
the opening is one of my favorite openings to anything. This gets The
Undefined Gamer's Geeky Seal of Approval.
Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1 gets 6 stars out of 6

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