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The Undefined Gamer: "Pokemon: Black 2/White 2" Review

Oh no! They're running out of colors to use for titles! God help us!

      Set 2 years after Black/White, Black 2/White 2 follows you, the hero,
who lives with his mother in the quite little city of Aspertia, which
turns out was right next to Castelia City the whole time! As usual,
the player gets a full room while your mother mans the couch and
      From there, the storyline is pretty basic. Team Plasma, after getting
defeated by the player in White/Black and N, have broken up into two
groups: The Ex-Team Plasma led by N, who actually give a crap about
pokémon, and the pirate-bandit Team Plasma, led by N's adopted father
Ghetsis, whose aim the Nostalgic Critic guesses, is to take over the
world. Your rival's, sister has lost her Perlloin to a Team Plasma 
member, and is determined to get it back.
      Same old same old. You got your criminal organization who want to take
over the world via legendary pokémon, your standard 8 gyms, and elite
four and champion missions. The differences in the story from

1. This time around, the evil Team Plasma mans a flying/floating
Sailship base powered by the legendary pokémon, Kyurem and solar
panels. This strange mother can fire a freeze ray that can freeze any
town (like Opelucid City, the dragon city ahahah) frozen solid.

2. Ghetsis has a second-on-command. Solress, a scientist, despite
whose goofy haircut may remind people of the Team Galactic Commanders,
actually has pretty good intentions, and sways from Ghetsis's "take
over the world" plan. He even disbands Team Plasma for you. What a

3. Team vs. Team. You have the help of N's ex-Team Plasma members,
commanded by one of the former Team Plasma Seven Sages, Gorm.

4. About the Seven Sages... you actually fight them. Well, you fight
Zinzolin three times. I guess that counts.

5. No legendaries (except the 3 swords of justice) are acessible until
after the Champion is beaten.

6. Many of the towns in Black/White are inacessible in Black 2/White 2
until after you beat the champion. Don't worry, it's legit, for 5 new
towns are added.

7. Victory road is kinda destroyed... Fear not a new route has been made!

      The game adds on much to Black/White. One major change is the map of
course, but there are also new minigames involved, such as Pokéstar
Studios, a place where you can make 11 minute pokémon movies and
release them to a local théatre... and then check the box office to
see how well it did. If you nail a movie, sequel scripts will be
written, with a max of three sequels per franchise. This serves as
Black 2/White 2's main major 'minigame', as one such as the
Underground and the Pokéathlon Stadium was missing in Black/White.
      One other thing one might notice is all the gym leaders that have been
decomissioned. The Waiter Triplets at Striaton have lost their gym, to
be replaced by Cheren's (from the first game, who has lost his glasses
and let his hair grow out), as did Lenora, to be replaced by Roxie, a
12 year old "rockstar" with a basement gym. As did Brycen, who decided
to screw the ninja business (and the Gym business for that matter), to
become a movie star. Replaced by the care-free Carribean gym leader,
Marlen (whose gym is located in another city that was right next to
you the whole time). Also, apparently Iris has beaten the player from
Black/White to become the champion, for there she is a twelve year old
girl standing where Alder stood (Alder has gone into retirement, but
is still required to be battled after the Champion for certain areas
to be acessable). This leads to Mayor Drayden (who teaches you Draco
Meteor in Black/White, and will do the same after you beat him in
Black 2/White 2), taking over as Opelucid City's gym leader and no
Elite Four members getting displaced.

This. Tree. Is. F*cking. Amazing.
      The rest of the game is just fine. The battle system is the same,
though now with more variety of pokémon, meaning now the trainer is
not forced to use Unova pokémon they might not like. Also, more volume
of trainers leads to the very reachable goal of having a party of
pokémon all over lvl. 100, and the revamped soundtrack and cut scenes
make this the most enjoyable pokémon yet.
     A vast improvement on an already spectacular series, Black 2/White 2
is the best pokémon game to date, and should be in the hands of any
pokémon fanatic.

Pokémon: Version Black 2/ White 2 gets 6 stars out of 6

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