Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2011 TV Review: Monday 2

Terra Nova- (8, Fox, New)- "Genesis: Parts 1 and 2" Terra Nova is easily the most anticipated show of the fall. It's easy to see why: man-eating dinosaurs on a weekly basis. Awesome. However, as time lead up to the premiere many wonder if the show would really be as good as we'd hoped. Well, it kinda is. In case you don't know, the show is about a family who joins in a expedition into the past in order to make sure the Earth doesn't get destroyed again. The cast is pretty good in their roles and the show is extremely entertaining. However the story just isn't very interesting. Yet. See, I think because the first episode is two-hours long, the story is stretched out more than it should have been. But, once the show gets to it's hour-long format, I think it will work a lot better.

Favorite Part: That dinosaur like totally ate that dude.
Least-Favorite Part: Will a dinosaur eat the son and his friends already?
The Verdict: 4 out of 6

How I Met Your Mother- (8, CBS)- "Ducky Tie": The third episode of season 7 follow the gang as Lily and Marshall bet Barney that he could perform a series of difficult tasks. If he won he could touch Lily's boobs. If he lost he had to wear Marshall's ducky tie for a year. Also, Ted tells Robin about how he ran into Victoria. A good, not great, episode had it's laughs, but felt like a cheat (Get it?) with Victoria.

Favorite Part: Ted and Robin going back and forth while Lilly, Marshall and Barney argued.
Least-Favorite Part: No dinosaurs
The Verdict: 4 out of 6

Castle- (10, ABC)- "Heroes and Villains": On last night episode, Castle and Beckett investigated the murder of a man with a splitting headache (Again, get it?). Along the way they learn their killer is a superhero by the name of "Lone Vengence". A very funny episode, with a weak case that seemed to keep ending and undoing itself.

Favorite Part: The superhero story
Least-Favorite Part: Castle's daughter is kinda really annoying\
The Verdict: 5 out of 6

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