Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Greatest Movie Ever: "Back to the Future" Review

Ok, this is heavy. Having to pick my favorite movie is a hard choice but, Back to the Future is just so incredible that it's almost not even fair to other movies. The entire trilogy has effected our culture in ways that no other film can say. Ever since the movie was released hoverboards have been highly anticipated, 88 miles an hour isn't just a speed anymore and Deloreans have been coveted by film fans everywhere. For me, Back to the Future has become more than just my favorite movie. It has changed the way I act and think. So, buckle up, because where we're going, we don't need roads.

The main star of this movie is, well, the main stars. Michael J. Fox stars as main character Marty McFly. What makes Fox perfect in the role is not how he act around the strange things that are happening to him. It's how he reacts to them. Fox's deadpan is hysterical. The way he can act completely dumbfounded at what's going on and yet, just goes along with it is an example of writing at it's best. But, of course, the true star of the films is Christopher Lloyd as Doctor Emmett Brown. The energy Lloyd brings to the character adds to the entire movie. His optimism in the face of trouble is great, but the fact that he isn't just another "mad scientist" character is what makes him so fantastic.

The story is also a major factor in what makes this series so great. With time-travel, plots can become confusing and riddled with holes. But Back to the Future avoids this by being both complex and simple at the same time. The first movie is, at it's simplest, about a guy try to help to friends fall in love. But what it's really about is a guy trying to stop his own mother from trying to date him and have her date his father before he disappears from existance, while trying to get to his home, which is 30 years into the future. Now, that's a lot of plot. But the film weaves it's story so well, that every aspect is given it's fair share of screentime. That what makes Back to the Future so great, and my favorite movie of all time. 6 out of 6.

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  1. Yeah, but apparently we're getting hoverboards in 4 years. Can't wait!